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Some Humorous Bedroom Tips, Suitable For All The Family.


It has been brought to my attention on several occasions that my house does not have a Bedroom, after all every house has a Bedroom. The reasoning behind this was, being a family site, I could not think what this room could contain. Very occasionally, however, we do come across something which should really be sited in the Bedroom but I am afraid the “Spare room” is going to have to do.

The following material has been received from a courageous gentleman who has managed to maintain his sense of humour  despite having suffered a stroke. It made me chuckle and I hope will do the same for you.

  • When getting changed at night time always ensure the curtains are closed as if the room is illuminated the view from the street may not be environmentally friendly.
  • Always remove out door footwear before going into the bed, as mud on the bedding will mean you will after do the laundry more often.
  • Do not invest in a mirror on the ceiling, as it gets interesting you will find it mists up.
  • If you sleep in a double bed that one side is up against a wall, ensure you sleep by the wall side: it is far better for you to climb over your partner, than have them climbing over you in the night and having them placing their foot on your chest and their knee in your mouth as they pass over you [this would not be beneficial for your sleep pattern and you would have a lousy day.
  • Use TCP (this is a pungent smelly liquid disinfectant) to kill the passion in your partner, smelling of this they will leave you alone to sleep peacefully.
  • When you look in the bedroom mirror and you don’t like what you see, cover the mirror with a picture of a film or pop star you would most like to be. Ian Holt had set up a website covering all

aspects of life after a stroke but, unfortunately, this does not appear to still be on line at  http://97778419.home.icq.com