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Online Universities Versus Campus Based Universities
(applicable to the USA)

By: Kristine Walker of www.collegegrabber.com

When it comes to earning a college education, the options available are vast today compared to those available as recent as 10 years ago. 

Traditional Four Year Schools (Public and Private)

Some students prefer the experience of living in the dorms, exploring sororities or fraternities, and getting involved in the clubs and extra-curricular activities a traditional four year school has to offer. 

There are private colleges, which tend to be smaller, more expensive, and more difficult to get accepted to than state schools.

Most small, private four year schools offer only bachelor’s degrees.

Larger universities offer not only bachelor’s degrees, but also master’s and sometimes even Ph.D. Programs. 

three graduates

Junior Colleges/Two Year Colleges

Some students chose a junior college rather than a four year school. 

Junior colleges tend to be less expensive than private and state four year schools. 

At a junior college, students take classes to earn an associate’s degree (commonly referred to as a “two-year degree”). While junior college classes have a lot in common with four year schools, they typically don’t have the option for students to live on campus. 

Online Colleges/Universities

Another option for inbound students is to attend Online College, meaning they can complete their classes from the convenience of their own home, or anywhere else for that matter. One of the benefits of an online education is the time flexibility. Typically classes don’t “meet” at a certain time but rather teachers have their lectures posted online and students are able to review those, and complete their assignments, on their own time. 

graduation diploma and mortarboard Online Degree Programs also make it easier to keep working a full time job while attending class. In today’s society, not all college students fall in the 18-22 age range. Often working adults decide to go back to further their education. 


Whether you decide to attend a four year school, junior college, or Online University, make sure the school you chose is accredited; meaning approved. Regional accreditation is the highest regarded type of accreditation to achieve. State schools and Ivy League schools have this type of accreditation, but many online schools, such as University of Phoenix, are regionally accredited too.





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