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Abbreviations Used in Emails and Text Messaging



I am one of the very few people left in the U.K. who does not own a mobile phone and, therefore, I have no experience of text messaging.  I can only assume the shorthand devised for emails has made the transition to texting.

Many of these are more widely used by young people and teenagers;  there are some that, if seen being used by your children, should put up a red flag so these I have marked in red!

The following are some of the abbreviations used in emails and text messages. 


One to one (private chat invitation)
  2MTHToo much to handle


To You, Too
  411All the information
  420Let’s get high/marijuana use


As A Matter Of Fact
  ADIHAnother day in hell
   ADIPAnother day in paradise


As Far As I Know


As Far As I’m Concerned


As Far As I Can Tell


Away From Keyboard


As Soon As Possible


Back At Keyboard
  BBIASBe back in a second
  BBIFBe back in a few


Be Back Later
   BFNBye for now
  BHL8Be home late


But In The Meantime
  BOOMSBored out of my mind.


Back On Topic


Be Right Back


By the way


Ciao For Now
  CD9Code 9 which means ‘parents are around’


Can’t Remember “Stuff”


See You


See You Later


Complete Waste Of Time


See Ya


Did I Tell You I’m Distressed?


Do It Yourself


End Of Discussion
  ETAEstimated time of arrival




Face To Face


Frequently Asked Questions


For Better Or Worse


Friend Of A Friend


Falling Off Chair Laughing


For What It’s Worth


For Your Amusement


For Your Information


Go Ahead


Get A Life


Get Back To Work


Going For Coffee


Grinning From Ear To Ear


Great Minds Think Alike


Grinning, Running & Ducking


Got To Go


Got To Go To The Bathroom
  GTRGot to run


Going To Read Mail


Have A Nice Day
  HHISHead hanging in shame


Ha Ha Only Kidding


Hope This Helps


In Any Case


In Any Event


I See


I Don’t Get It
  ILBL8I’ll be late


In My Considered Opinion


In My Humble Opinion


In My Not So Humble Opinion


In My Opinion


In My Previous/Personal Experience
  IMSBI’m so bored


In My Very Humble Opinion


Intuitively Obvious To The Most Casual Observer


In Other Words


In Real Life


Internet Service Provider


If You Know What I Mean


Just In Case


Just kidding

Okay, okay (I understand what you are saying)


Keep It Simple Stupid
  KPCKeeping parents clueless




Later Dude
  LDRLong distance relationship
  LGHLet’s get high
  LH6Let’s have sex
   LHOSLet’s have online sex


Laughing Out Loud
  LTHTTLaughing too hard to type


Long Time No See
  LYLABLove you like a brother
  LYLASLove you like a sister


Male or Female, or person who asks that question


My Two Cents Worth
  NPNo problem or Nosy parents


No Reply Necessary
  OMGOh my God!


Oh No, Not Again!


On The Other Hand


Off The Top Of My Head


Oh I See


On The Floor


Online Love
  P911Parents coming into room (alert)
  PAW or 9Parents are watching


People Can’t Memorize Computer Industry Acronyms
  PIRParents in room


  POVPoint of View or Parent over shoulder (if used by teenagers)
  PSOSParents standing over shoulder


That Stinks!


Hello Again (re-Hi!)


Rolling On Floor Laughing


Rolling On The Floor


Rolling On The Floor Laughing


Real Soon Now


Read The Documentation/Directions


Read The Frickin’ Manual


Are You OK?


Situation Normal; All Fouled Up


Significant Other


Smiling Out Loud (or You’re Out of Luck)


There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch


That’s All For Now


The End Of The World As We Know It




Thanks In Advance


Talk to you later


To My Knowledge


Terms Of Service


The Powers That Be


Tell Someone Who Cares


To The Best Of My Knowledge


Ta-Ta For Now


Talk To You Later
  TTYSTalk to your soon


To Whom It May Concern


  UOKAre you OK?


Web Page Address


Welcome Back




With Regard To


Way To Go


What’s Up?


World Wide Web


What You See Is What You Get


Year 2000


Your Guess Is As Good As Mine


You Get What You Pay For


Your Mileage May Vary



It is very difficult for any parent to keep tabs on text activity of their children. This guide on text message monitoring is the ultimate how-to for everything from parental knowledge to technical support.

The language of emails and text