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Job Search Tips to use before starting your job search when looking for work

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Tips to use before you start your job search

not easy to find a job, especially in these days, and in the situation
that the world faces. This market situation demands an active search for
jobs, that is, to look for a job in a persistent and organized way.
Don’t let your self down; learn to adopt a positive and dynamic

Don’t believe that there are no opportunities for you, don’t
spend your days watching TV, and don’t keep waiting for your phone to
ring. Stop being lazy. Job searching it’s a full time job. It’s about
a real job that requires time, energy, will and persistence. Looking for a
job shouldn’t be made in a random way, but instead in an organized way.

First, start by evaluating yourself, making a personal and
professional balance of yourself. You should try to answer the following

“What can I do?”

“What do I like to do?”

“What don’t I like to do?”

“What sort of activities am I
good at?” 

“What do others think of me?”

“In which aspects should I

“Do I have the need to improve my
knowledge and professional skills?”

“Will I be Willing to move far
from home?”. 

After reflecting about your skills,
tastes and interests, try to make a list about the kind of jobs that could
better fit your professional profile. You should dedicate as many hours a
day as you would by working in a regular company.

Second, you must organize a plan of action. Keep yourself posted
about the job market. 

Read the job section of the daily
newspapers, and highlight the ones that interest you. 

  • Search and choose the available
    offers in your employment Centre, private agencies and temporary job


  • Try to keep up with the ads you can
    find in supermarkets and other public locations. 

  • Call your relatives and friends to
    obtain some information regarding other job opportunities. 


  • Analyze what are the most requested
    jobs by companies, and the requirements they’re searching for. 


  • Make a list of the professional
    activities where there’s more search. 


  • Make a list of the companies that
    require those specific activities and their addresses. Answer to those
    offers immediately.  Tomorrow maybe too late.

Make a spontaneous application. 
Not all job offers are published; lots of them aren’t exposed
publicly, but how to find them? 

  • Make an advertisement of yourself. 


  • Write and
    publish your own job add. 


  • Write and send spontaneous application letters
    with your resumes to the companies you previously selected. The ones who
    look for jobs aren’t asking for anything, they’re just offering a

ways to prepare for a job interview and
interview techniques

How to
keep up to date with the job market.