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How to sell yourself at an interview, guide lines for a successful job interview

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Write Way’


How to Sell Yourself at an Interview.

by Linda Taylor


Write Way’
CV has won the day and you have gained an interview. On the big day you
will be a sales person, selling the best product on the market – You! You will have
approximately 20-45 minutes of the Company’s time to sell yourself, so make sure you
take full advantage. Follow

‘The Write Way’ advice and you will be on the road to success.

First Step – The Interview – Before The Interview

  • Ensure that your Company research also includes a trial visit – for timing, and to gain
    insight into the types of people that go in and out of their door.
  • Try and find out, if possible, any details about the interview and do a few ‘mock
    interviews’ with friends or family.
  • Take a list of questions that you want answered by the company to the interview.
  • Take up some moral boosting activities and relaxation techniques.
  • Choose your ‘interview outfit’ carefully, ensure that it is
    appropriate, comfortable, clean and ironed.
  • Have your hair cut/set if necessary – do not have hair covering your eyes.
  • Ensure you have a smart handbag/briefcase – remember to take an umbrella.

  • Second Step – The Interview – The Night Before

    • Have everything ready for the interview, and remember to polish your footwear.
    • ‘Chill out’ in your own way (no alcohol!).
    • Set your alarm clock and have at least 8 hours sleep.

    • Third Step – The Interview – The Big Day

      • Have a relaxed, pampering shower or bath, ensure nails are clean and cut, and that you
        have used deodorant. Remember to use a mouth freshener.
      • Arrive at the Company with at least 15 minutes to spare, take a few deep breathes and
      • Visit the toilet, and compose yourself.
      • Go into the Company Reception and introduce yourself, try to pick up useful snippets for
        the interview.

      • Fourth Step – The Interview

        • Shake hands with the Interviewer/s and try to remember who is who.
        • When you have been asked to sit down do so and ensure that you are comfortable.
        • Be polite, confident, and controlled in manner and speech. Be responsive and attentive.
        • Pause before speaking – this helps you to give a concise answer.
        • Keep your hands away from your face, sit straight, and don’t fidget.
        • Smile, maintain regular eye contact, and mimic interviewer’s techniques.

          Tips you can use before starting your

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          job market.

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