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 How to stay safe from `work from home` scams

by www.lammo.net 

Sadly, there are those who prey on the vulnerable and naive. There are several old scams still running these days, some of which have been transformed into modern day online versions of old favourites. 

bank noes going down plug hole Perhaps the best known scam which is largely unmodified decades after it first appeared is the `stuff envelopes from home` scam wherein you are allegedly paid a goodly sum for simply putting advertising material into envelopes. This is a pyramid scheme and requires that you place fraudulent ads, not actually stuff envelopes. You can be prosecuted for fraud with this scheme. Avoid at all costs.

Home assembly kits are another favourite. Here you allegedly buy a kit for x, assemble it and the seller guarantees to buy it back at y. Actually you will be left out of pocket because having assembled whatever you were asked to assemble, you will be told it is sub-standard and your money will not be returned for the kit.

There are endless scam emails online, many of them incredibly convincing. If you don`t know the sender personally and recognise their email address, don`t click on any links, open anything or reply to anything. Just delete it. You will not have missed out on anything. 

Perhaps the worst of these are the foreign scams wherein a heart rending story of illness and death is followed by "I`ve got xx million I need to transfer" and a whole lot of convincing reasons as to why they need your help and why you`ll end up wealthy from the transaction. 

All are fraud. All are illegal.  

The only place you will end up is out of pocket and quite possibly in jail.

convict sitting with shackles on ankles


man shouting at computer screen Be deeply wary of anything which demands money upfront, or indeed money at all unless it is a registered franchise. You also can`t make enough money to live completing surveys and using similar schemes such as mystery shopping agencies. These will pay you, but not enough to live on.

Finally beware of any scheme that requires repeatedly clicking on anything. Chances are that the scheme provider is abusing some form of advertising or pay-per-click scheme and you will end up in hot water.

Choose Real Opportunities

Working from home takes genuine commitment and hard work. So, if you`re great with kids consider child minding or parties or if you`re good with computers go for something like a UK Affiliate Marketing Program. Its a big world out there and despite the current gloom, there are a lot of opportunities.

Good luck!

Why not take a look at our page giving hints and tips on working from home.

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