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 Work from Home Options - Hints and Tips

by www.lammo.net 

Are you considering packing in the morning commute and working from home? In these troubled times, the benefits are many: you can choose when you work and how many hours you put in and it can often be an opportunity to pursue an area for which you have always believed you had an affinity or aptitude. Not only that but with so many people now fearing for their jobs, the pressure is on to create an alternative source of income. Attractive as it may be, becoming self-employed it can be a somewhat daunting task. With so many scams around, what types of roles could be truly viable?

The following are 5 popular and legitimate `work from home` options:

1. Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate Marketers promote other firms` products via their own websites and earn a commission on sales they make or leads they generate. So, if you can make plenty of sales, you can make plenty of money. 

For this you`ll need excellent computer skills. You will also need to rapidly learn a lot about internet marketing (Search Engine optimisation, Pay Per Click Marketing, Social Media and so forth) in order to promote products effectively.

It takes many months of work before most affiliates generate significant revenues and the results are not always guaranteed. That said, those who are prepared to put in the hard work should see the rewards and there is no particular limit to your earnings potential but you need to be able to fund yourself through the time it takes to get established.

2. Copywriter

Copy is literally any written content you see online or indeed offline such as the text used to sell things in brochures. Since the text content of websites is a vital element to their success, there is a strong demand for well written, original copy. 

To become an online Copywriter you`ll need to build up a portfolio of articles and client references. Not to fear, getting started is easy to do with all of the major search engine optimisation firms requiring good freelance writers and numerous freelance networks and job boards also seeking them. Rates will initially be lower but as you acquire a portfolio of clients and are published online it becomes ever easier to command better rates.

3. Web Designer

Becoming a Web Designer from home is similar in some senses to becoming a Copywriter in that you`ll need relevant skills. You`ll need to be able to build websites using the latest iterations of popular publishing software and have solid HTML skills. Some design skills are also useful for creating assets such as on-site graphics and banners. The learning curve is quite long and the market is becoming fairly crowded but if you want to differentiate your services, learn search engine optimisation as well. 

Many of today`s web designers won`t stay in business unless they start to build search engine friendly as opposed to simply pretty websites. You`ll need to use your own website to sell your business, along with every other avenue that you can find because competition is fierce.

4. Child Care Provider

If you`re less technically minded and just great with kids you could set yourself up as a Child Minder. 

You`ll need a large childproofed room with plenty of toys in it and you`ll have to pay for various types of insurance, but once that`s out of the way and you`ve had a CRB check and been through the necessary checks and processes to become a registered child minder you can advertise your business locally and online. 

Expenditure on child care is suffering a little at the moment because many professional families have had to tighten their belts but there is still a good demand for reliable, caring and personable child minders.

5. Party Organiser

Ironically in tougher times, expenditure on celebrations can sometimes increase. You can apply pretty much the same logic to wedding design and a host of other celebration related roles. 

It is essential to be good with kids if you`re going to be a kid`s party organiser. However, if you are good with people, have some creative flair and are good at sourcing the oddest things at short notice, you could begin to create a reputation as a party organiser.

There are endless examples of really good potential businesses, some of which can give you immediate revenue and others that will take time to establish. To trigger further ideas, just search any of the online freelance networks and job boards: your head will be bursting with ideas at the end of a session on these!

Choose Real Opportunities

Working from home takes genuine commitment and hard work. So, if you`re great with kids consider child minding or parties or if you`re good with computers go for something like a UK Affiliate Marketing Program. Its a big world out there and despite the current gloom, there are a lot of opportunities.

Good luck!

Sadly, there are those who prey on the vulnerable and naive. There are several old homeworking scams still running these days, some of which have been transformed into modern day online versions of old favourites. 

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