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10 Green Tips to Help Save Money and The Planet

10 Green Tips to Save Money and the Planet

by www.confused.com 

Making the smallest changes to how you live will have a positive effect, not only on the environment, but on your pocket too. Here are our top 10 energy saving tips:

1. Super power

man fixing solar panels to roofSome utilities companies are generating more energy through renewable means such as wind, water, or solar power. Switch energy supplier to one that is more eco-conscious, and the more people who do so, the cheaper it will become.

2. No sweat

cartoon of man taken a houses temperatureBy turning your thermostat down by just ONE degree and you can cut your heating bills by up to four percent. 

3. Turn it off

light bulb with pull switchSwitch appliances off properly. Left on standby, appliances such as TVs can soak up to 85 per cent of the power they do while in use.  Even the queen turns off the lights when she’s not in the room! 

4. Light bulbs

cartoon man with lightbulb headUse low energy light bulbs. They’re more expensive but can last up to 12 years. If every household in the UK used just one energy saving bulb, enough juice would be saved to shut down a whole power station. 

5. Insulate

man insulating loftCut your gas and electricity bills by insulating your loft space, cavity walls, hot water pipes and boiler. Eco-friendly options include insulation blown in cellulose, sheep’s wool, recycled cotton fibres and foams like Icynene.

6. Cooler is coolest

washing machineWash clothes at a lower temperature – ideally 30 degrees and air-dry them whenever possible. 

7. Pull the plug

man taking showerTake a shower rather than a bath. You’ll save almost half the water, and by cutting your shower time by just one minute you could save more than 2,000 litres of water each year. 

8. Drink and think

lady drinking teaEnjoy a carbon-friendly cuppa. Kettles love guzzling energy as much as you love drinking tea or coffee. So, boil a cup’s worth and no more.

9. Whizz-kid

cartoon of man with wings working on computerPay your energy bills online. Some estimate that around 81,000 trees are felled annually just to make the paper required to send everyone in the UK their phone bills. Energy companies often give a discount for paperless billing.

10. Go public 

car and bus public transportOne bus can carry the same number of people as fifty cars. Tube carriages and trains hold even more. Or, alternatively, why not take a walk?

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*Savings and statistics sourced from Friends of the Earth, Global Cool, Green Consumer Guide, Green Matters and Green Peace

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