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Six steps you can take to make your office greener.

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Six Steps Towards
Your Office Greener

by Lloyd Burrell

Is a paper monster taking over your office? The amount of paper we seem to
generate these days can be incredible — from receipts, bills, catalogs, and
many miscellaneous other items. If you take hold of this influx of paper,
and reduce it by using certain methods, then you will help reduce the amount
of waste which every human being produces daily. Spend a few minutes dealing
with your papers every day, and you’ll soon get into the routine of
reducing, reusing, and recycling.

1:  Make Friends With Your Recycling Bin

Take the pile of mail you have just collected
from your mailbox and hover by your recycling bins. Cut off the address
 from those junk catalogs (and shred to prevent identity
theft) and pop the catalogs into the paper recycling bin.

Go online and request any catalogues you
still want to be sent to you, electronically.

2:  Separate Your Receipts Into Different

If you have let your receipts accumulate,
then this could be a job which may take several hours to start with. After
getting used to doing it daily, it will not take very long at all to do.

If any of the receipts contain personal data,
then make sure that you shred them first.

Keep a box of shredded paper to use as a
natural kind of packing material. This is far better than using those foam

Make sure that you actually save receipts
that may be needed for the future to do your taxes, and scan the rest before
disposing of them.

Certain tax receipts and other pieces of
paper needed for returning goods etc. to stores, may be put into a “holding

3:  Shred, Shred And Then Shred Some

Shredders are terrific
pieces of equipment which can help the environment tremendously.

throw away or recycle unshredded, those credit card offers which
companies send in the mail. Identity thieves can use these to start
an account under your own name.

green office shredder

Just make sure to recycle those shredded
documents*, along with your unshredded

Always guard your personal data

4:  Reduce Junk Catalogs And Other Mail

Opt out on as many of those too-frequent
catalogs you receive, by calling, mailing, or e-mailing the companies. You
may have to repeat this method every few months or so.

Countries have different regulations
regarding receiving junk mail and opting out from receiving it. You can also
do this for junk phone calls as well, therefore saving on electricity and
time and stress!

5:  Get Your Statements And Bills Online

Always request this kind of paper to be sent
via e-mail instead of actual hardcopies, so to speak. This will really add
up and help reduce your carbon footprint. The less paper you get, the more
trees may remain standing. Producing paper creates such an immense amount of
waste, and chemicals spew into the air as it’s manufactured. Back in the
day, paper was very precious and often folks would write on it over and over
again, in every nook and cranny. If more people thought of paper as
precious, they would make better use of this resource and recycle it when

6:  Do Everything You Can Online; Help Save
Our Environment

Computers are a wonderful tool and may be
used to aid us in recycling.

green office secure computerMake sure that the website you are
visiting is secure, and it will be safe to shop, pay bills, and
access your bank accounts online.

Look for the little lock symbol, and
keep your antivirus software up to date. You can set this up to
check websites, as well as safeguard you against worms and viruses
which may attack your personal data.

You can get an instant receipt
electronically if you’re buying online, and if you are purchasing
something in a retail store, then request no receipt unless you
really need one.

Take these 6 steps and you can rid yourself of at least three quarters of
the paper which clutters your home office. It’s not going to happen right
away, but as you gradually decrease the paper which surrounds you, you will
find yourself working less and enjoying life more.

When you’re printing anything in your office,
print on both sides of the paper. This alone will cut your paper use in
half! Practice recycling everything you can and it will become second

*  For
operational reasons, some recycling contractors refuse to take shredded
paper so it is advisable to check first.


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