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Hints and Tips 

for Keeping a Happy Desk

by David Craig

cartoon of man with feet on his desk

We spend most of our lives at our desks and yet they are often cluttered, boring and dirty. I am embarrassed to admit it but let me tell you what I have on my desk at the moment. Please note I have just started to work from home. To my left I have the usual papers cluttered in a pile. However the rest of my desk is quite a mixture. Its littered by the following:

cartoon figure tearing his hair out

Tube and train tickets 

Dental Floss 

Duck tape 

A Stanley knife! - Don't worry 

Eye drops (too much time in front of the monitor) 

Pens and coins 

Two rusty cans of non drip gloss (that's a lie - the paint drips all over the place) 


I suppose one of the good things about working from home is that you can take a break from the dreaded computer and get on with some household chores. Yes I know one of them should be cleaning up my desk. 

However what about working in an office?

I have just spent the last year of my life working in the most depressing warehouse like office. No sunlight, (blinds over dirty windows), fluorescent lights, grunts from the directors over anything that wasn't office issue on the desks. So here are some tips for a happy and fun desk:

  • Ask the IT department for monitor wipes. They have to give them to you as its part of health and safety. 


  • Take regular breaks from the keyboard (you don't want to end up with what I've got - RSI)
  • Fruit on the desk or if you don't like fruit go for a fruit smoothie (you need fruit especially if you don't see so much sunlight) 
  • Insist that the person coughing and spluttering in the corner of the office goes home right away before they infect the rest of the office. 

  • Get some windows open and let some fresh in the office.
  • Don't sit right under the air conditioning unit (if you do you will be sure to get the full stream of germs rain down on you - plus your lips go dry). 
  • Get the office manager to buy some flowers for the office and put some nice pictures on the walls.
  • Get the fish tank cleaned - that green sludge look is so depressing. 
cartoon computer sneezing

  • Get some essential oils and pour a little in a container, cloth or absorbent sticks to make your desk smell fresh and stress free. 

  • Make sure you have some nice music playing or turn the radio on - this really takes your mind off things and is a pleasant distraction. 

desk set
  • Get some clean wipes and make sure you wipe your desk down at least a week - get rid of those coffee stains. 
  • Make your desk as colourful as possible, a couple of nice pictures are good - a picture of your pet is always good - but make sure your desk is not too cluttered. 

  • Employ a good office cleaning company. Make sure your office and toilets are extra clean and smell as homely as possible. 


  • Employ a happy and chirpy office manager - one that doesn't communicate entirely via email!

man jumping for joy

Written by David Craig of Assertio - Contract Office Cleaning Company London - a specialist commercial contract cleaning services company based in London, UK.  





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