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Tips for Choosing the best Computer Desk for your needs and space

For Choosing A New Computer Desk

Simon Phillips

days more and more of us have a computer at home, and whether you have a
spare room to use as a dedicated office or study, or choose to fit your
computer into a corner of a bedroom or living area, you will need some
kind of desk to keep it on.  An
old table or writing desk is not really ideal in the long term and it’s
well worth buying a proper computer desk.

computer desks are specially designed for their purpose, with a
combination of divided storage space for all your equipment. 

At the very least you’ll need shelving for your CPU,
monitor and printer. 

A computer desk will also be equipped with a pullout keyboard
tray for your comfort and convenience. 
Some desks also have extra features such as shelving for
books and CDs, drawers for pens and file drawers.

computer desk

deciding what sort of computer desk is best for you, you’ll need to
consider how often you’re likely to use your computer and what you use
it for.  For instance, if you
work from home or do lots of paperwork, it will be useful for you to have
a large work surface to spread out all your papers. 
Alternatively, if you just use your computer to surf the internet
in the evenings or send emails, a more compact desk could be suitable. 
You’ll also need to consider the position where your desk is to
go, how much space is available, and the style of your décor.

majority of computer desks have a rectangular shape and are designed to
fit against a wall.  There are
also several variations on this basic design, depending on your needs and
the layout of your room.  

  • A
    corner computer desk is good for making the most of limited space and
    can be fitted into any spare corner of a room.  


  • An
    L shaped desk is useful if you’d like to clearly divide a room so
    you have a separate working area, as well as extra work surface.  


  • Another
    design is the U shaped desk, which is practical if you need lots of
    storage space and you need to keep lots of books, papers etc within
    easy reach of your computer.

mobile computer cartIf
you’d prefer not to have your computer equipment and all those
wires on constant display, there are a couple of options worth

One is a
mobile computer cart with wheels, which you can easily move out of
the way when not using your computer.

other is a computer armoire, which is an elegant-looking storage
cabinet with a built in computer desk. 

You can simply close the doors on your computer and your
armoire will blend in nicely with the rest of the furniture in your

computer armoire

you’ve decided on the design that’s most suitable for your needs, you
can select a color and finish that will compliment your existing décor
and furniture.  Choices
include various types of wood, metal, plastic and laminates. 
So, your new computer desk won’t only be functional, it’ll look
great too!


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Phillips was a contributor to FindComputerDesks.com
– an online resource offering a range of home
computer desks and office furniture, including ergonomic
and corner computer desks, mobile
computer carts and more.