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How to save energy costs by using air con effectively

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How to save Energy Costs By

Using Air Con Effectively

It may not seem like it but summer is here
and many people are starting to turn on their air-conditioning units. But
how many of us know how to use air con effectively so that business energy
bills don’t rocket?

Many businesses now have air conditioning
installed but surprisingly many of us still don’t know how to use it
effectively to ensure it’s not simply increasing business energy bills. Not
understanding how air conditioning works may mean you are wasting money.

If you open your windows when it’s hot and
then turn on the air conditioning – stop. This is a waste of energy and
consequently money. Air conditioning is only effective if the windows are
closed. If you open the windows after or while the air conditioning is on
then hot, possibly humid air will enter the office and the air con will have
to work even harder to cool down the room.

So, to ensure your office remains cool
don’t open the windows for several days once the temperature inside has
dropped. Your air conditioning unit not only cools the air down but also
acts as a dehumidifier. So if you open the windows the air will become humid
again and the system will have to use more energy to dehumidify the air

But what temperature should the unit be set

The Carbon Trust suggests that
most people feel comfortable at 18-26C as long as the temperature
inside is related to the temperature outside. Don’t forget that
staff and any visitors will be dressed for outdoor conditions so if
it’s hot they will be in cooler clothes.

The Carbon Trust therefore suggests
that the temperature indoors should be no more than 3C below the
outside temperature. This means that if it’s 26C outside then the
indoor temperature should be set at 23C.

But don’t just rely on these
suggested temperatures. Look at your employees and if they are
putting clothes on when they get to work then something’s not quite
right. It may be that the air con is set too high.

Lady shivering with cold

Finally, try to prevent the office from
getting overheated in the first place. Close any blinds or curtains to keep
the sun out and the room cool. This will therefore reduce the need to cool
the room down in the first place.

Businesses can reduce their energy costs by
using an online
comparison site to compare prices but if you are not using your air con
correctly you may still be spending more than you need to on your business