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I have received the following message from Graeme Munro, a Renault expert, and thought it worth a mention.  I don't know the reason behind this advice but if you purchase a new Renault it may well be worth looking into.  After all, better safe than sorry!

"Just a line to let you know about a new car from Renault. Should one of your members buy one and wishes to fit a child a child seat, it is imperative that they use an "isofix" seat , available from a Renault dealer. "

Travelling can be a nightmare at the best of times but when children are involved it can be extra traumatic.  Paula Shelton  has kindly compiled the following helpful hints which should help ease the situation.


cartoon angel


Air travel tips for parents planning to fly with small children.


  • The first rule when organising family air travel is to plan well in advance. Make lists of all the things you have to do, and when, then follow the lists meticulously. This will help to keep any panic out of the organisation, which when you are suffering ‘nappy brain’, is a huge relief. Flying with Kids has planning and packing checklists that you can use as a basis for your own lists.
  • The second rule is to plan to be self-sufficient in caring for your family. Although airlines may offer a very good family service in theory, in practice the best laid plans of mice and men can and do go astray. Children, especially infants, do not travel well when compromised in this way, so take your own nappy and food supplies to supplement those the airline offers, or replace them if necessary.
  • The final golden rule is to be deeply calm as you travel. Although you may have all kinds of anxieties, do not let these erupt into the open. One thing is certain, this journey will end. How well you endure it will be directly proportional to your ability to stay in control of your emotions whatever happens. Practice deep breathing as a method of stress control before you set off.
  • If all else fails, and you are having a bad time, take out some lipstick and a mirror. Put on some lippy and give yourself a pep talk in the mirror – "I’m the best Mum in the World for my kids. I am doing really well and am able to cope with this." Stay calm - smile at your children.

Happy Travelling


Copyright 1999-2010 Paula Shelton. All rights reserved.

I have three kids aged 8, 6 and 4 all need car seats which cost a fortune to hire and often are substandard.  I saw an article on the new inflatable BubbleBum car booster seat. They are great, all three of mine use them without moaning! They also come in handy if flights are delayed and you have to spend long periods sitting in airports! My mum bought them as well in case of emergency school pick ups - their website is

Rachel Gough

These booster seats are suitable for 4-11 year olds.




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