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How to Decorate Your Little Girl’s Room on a Budget.

How To Decorate Your Little Girl’s Room On A Budget

by houseofarearugs.com

It’s difficult sometimes when you are on a tight budget just to be able to go out on occasion let alone do a major room make over. Sometimes you just want a change to your room and kids are the same way. If its time for a change in your little girls room, here are some simple ways to change it on a budget that you can afford.

It’s not about material things. Almost every parent lectures their child about this at some point in their life but it is true. You can create the most happiest of times without any money at all. The same goes for decor; you can create a new look without sacrificing something else.

A girl’s bedroom is important. It is a place that she can get away from the day, entertain her friends, do her homework, and more. Why not allow her to decorate according to what she likes the best. If she is into sports or a hobby, you want to add that into her decor.

For example, if she loves ballet, you can add tall mirrors on one side of her wall. Have the other three walls painted pink and white. Her bed can contain pink bedding and she can have a pink or white dust ruffle. You can also hang her old ballerina shoes up on the wall and add some shelves as well so you can display her tiara on it and her trophy’s that she has won along the way. painting of hanging ballet shoes

What if she doesn’t have an activity that she loves? Then how about the beach? Does she often talk about the vacation trip to the beach? Almost every teen loves the beach because they can walk on the beaches, surf, and of course, look for guys.

You can paint the walls an ocean blue and accessorize with hibiscus flowers and surfboards or create a miniature boardwalk with some old barn lumber. Place bowls of sand and seashells in her room on the tables.

If traveling is something that she dreams of doing, turn her bedroom into the entire world.

Paint Paris on one wall, Ireland on another wall. You can paint Australia on another wall. The last wall can be created with the pyramids of Egypt. You can search online at auction sites to find souvenirs from each place to add to her decor.

painting of the Eiffel Tower

Purchase a small cafe table and chair to place in front of the Paris wall so she can read a book while overlooking the Eiffel Tower.

Place brown rugs in front of Egypt to look like sand. She can sit in front of the pyramid while she texts to her friends. She will also feel inspired on her next history paper.

In front of the Ireland wall, you can place green rugs with potted tulips on each end.

camel by pyramid in the sunrise or sunset

The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a girls dream come true bedroom. Before you begin, make sure to ask her to see what she likes the most and allow her to help you create the room of her dreams.

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About the author:

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