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Childrens’ Rhymes and Verses Featuring the Days of the Week etc.


Funny rhymes and verses can make learning fun for children, here are a few older ones that may have slipped your memory.


Solomon Grundy,

Born on Monday,

Christened on Tuesday,

Married on Wednesday,

Took ill on Thursday,

Worse on Friday,

Died on Saturday,

Buried on Sunday

This is the end of Solomon Grundy


Sneeze on Monday, sneeze for danger;

Sneeze on Tuesday, kiss a stranger;

Sneeze on Wednesday, get a letter;

Sneeze on Thursday, something better;

Sneeze on Friday; sneeze for sorrow;

Sneeze on Saturday,  see your sweetheart tomorrow.


In April,
come he will,

In May,
sing all day

In June,
change his tune

In July,
prepare to fly

In August,
go he must!

Rhymes can make learning fun for all concerned and there are others on site including one to help with simple arithmetic, several to help when teaching the alphabet, others for memory, counting stones and a few for older children.