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Children’s Rhyme to Make Leaning the Alphabet More Fun.


Children can learn a lot when playing and this can be made more fun by the use of rhymes.
There are many such rhymes including the following which is meant to help children learn the alphabet.


awas an apple pie,
bbit it,
ccut it,
ddealt it,
eeat it,
ffought for it,
ggot it,
hhad it,
iinspected it,
jjoined for it,
kkept it,
llonged for it,
mmourned for it,
nnodded at it,
oopened it,
ppeeped in it,
qquartered it,
rran for it,
sstole it,
ttook it,
uupset it,
vviewed it,
wwanted it,
xyzall wished for a piece in hand


Rhymes can make learning fun for all concerned and there are others on site including one to help with simple arithmetic, several to help when teaching the alphabet, others for memory, counting stones and a few for older children.