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Although some of these lines are a bit dated, it is another way to introduce the alphabet to toddlers.

You can even get children to draw a picture to match the sentences e.g. B was a butcher and had a great dog.  You can ask them to paint or draw a picture of the butcher and his 'great' dog.  This would not only keep them amused but will also create dialogue and ensure understanding of all the words.


a was an archer who shot a frog;
b was a butcher and had a great dog;
c was a captain all covered with lace;
d was a drunkard and had a red face.
e was an esquire with pride on his brow;
f was a farmer and followed the plough
g was a gamester, who had but ill luck;
h was a hunter and hunted a buck.
i was an innkeeper, who loved to carouse:
j was a joiner and built up a house.
k was King William, once governed this land;
l was a Lady who had a white hand.
m was a miser and hoarded up gold;
n was a nobleman, gallant and bold.
o was an oyster girl who went about town;
p was a parson who wore a black gown.
q was a queen who wore a silk slip;
r was a robber and wanted a whip.
s was a sailor who spent all he got;
t was a tinker and mended a pot.
u was a usurer, a miserable elf;
v was a vintner who drank all himself.
w was a watchman and guarded the door;
x was eXpensive and so became poor.
y was a youth that did not love school;
z was a zany, a poor harmless fool

Rhymes can make learning fun for all concerned and there are others on site including one to help with simple arithmetic, several to help when teaching the alphabet, others for memory, counting stones and a few for older children.




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