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Childrens’ rhymes and verses to aid learning and memory

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I think the next verse harks back to the days when set days meant
set chores and if you didn’t do the washing on a Monday, shame on you.  It does,
however, seem very pertinent for today’s students.

They that wash on Monday

  They that wash on Monday, have all the week to dry;
  They that wash on Tuesday, are not so much awry;
  They that wash on Wednesday, are not so much to blame
  They that wash on Thursday, wash for very shame;
  They that wash on Friday, wash in sorry need
  They that wash on Saturday, are lazy folk indeed.

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Thirty days hath September

Thirty days hath September,
April, June and November;
All the rest have thirty one,
Excepting February alone
and that has twenty eight days clear
and twenty-nine each leap year.


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  Mr. East gave a feast

  Mr. East gave a feast:

  Mr. North laid the cloth;

  Mr. West did his best:

  Mr. South burnt his mouth

with eating cold potato.

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When the Wind is in the East

  When the wind is in the East, ’tis neither good to man or

  When the wind is in the North, the skilful fisher goes not

  When the wind is in the South, it blows the bait in the
fish’s mouth.

  When the wind is in the West, then it is at it’s very best.


can make learning fun for all concerned and there are
others on site including one to help with simple
arithmetic, several to
help when teaching the
alphabet, others
for memory, counting
stones and a few for
older children.