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Children’s rhymes to aid learning and memory

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I think we would all agree it is much easier to
remember things by learning a rhyme, saying or sentence.  How many of
us learnt our musical notes by learning “every good boy deserves
favours” or points of the compass by “never eat shredded
wheat”.  With this in mind there are some such children’s rhymes
below which you may not have seen before, or have perhaps forgotten.

I have just come across these rhymes which may help to
may “Arithmetic” fun for younger children:-




just makes me sick.” cried our poor little Mary.

figures never act the same, they’re always so contrary.”

That night, when Mary fell asleep, a dream so wondrous came,

That afterwards Arithmetic was never
quite the same!


cardboard box full of numbers

Mary’s Dream

Quite suddenly a funny man was standing by her side.

Arithmetic has made you sick,
just take this pill”, he cried.

He held out such a great big pill she screamed out “Never,

but down it went and then said he, “You’re just as well as


And next he gave a whistle clear. The door flew open wide.

and in a lot of figures rushed and stood there by his side.

“My name is Mr. Arithmetic.”
he said: “I came to-night

to introduce these figures here and do it truly right.


The first is Zero (0) as you see, and then right down the line

are One (1), Two (2), Three (3) and Four (4), Five (5), Six (6)

then Seven (7), Eight (8) and Nine (9).

Now here you see our cousin Plus
(+) and all must understand

that Plus (+) is just another way of saying little ‘and’.

Then Equal (=), too, I’ll introduce; she has another

It’s “make”
and both of them you see, mean just the very same.


He clapped his hands and music came from somewhere out of sight.

The figures marched in perfect time, Left, right, left, right, left,

Then 2 and 3 marched from the line and Plus
(+) stepped in between.

When Equal (=)took her place like this, a question could
be seen ……

2 + 3
make (=) what” they said. We’re
waiting to find out.”

5 took its place,
for 2 and (+)
3 make (=)
5, without a doubt.


Then marching to the music gay, new  questions form in line;

They showed in just a minute more that 7
and (+) 2
make (=) 9.

And 4 plus (+) 3
make (=) 7
too, the figures form with care;

Then quickly 5
plus (+) 4
make (=)
Just see them standing there.

And 5 and (+) 1
make (=) 6,
of course and 3 plus (+) 1
make (=) 4

and 5 and (+) 3 make
(=) 8 as
well, and Oh, so many more.


“These figures are like Washington and I will tell you why;

it really is exactly true that figures never lie.”


“Oh please, dear Mr. Arithmetic, I’m Minus (),
Take Away,

Do let your figures every one, come out with me and play.”

Soon out they ran, the figures gay, and Equal (=)
also came,

and then with Minus ()managing, they planned a lively game.


“Just watch me! Watch me!” Minus
() cried,

Before the game began.

“I’ll take my place, then you take yours, as quickly as you

She called for figures 9
and 1 and then skipped in between;

and like a flash, to end the line, Equal
(=) and 8
were seen.

9 minus ()
1 equal (=) 8“,
they cried with all their might and main;

Then broke the line with a whoop and yell and began all over again.

Minus ()
then looked around and said “I next choose 5
and 3;

5 minus ()
3 make (=)
2, of course, as plain as plain can

Next 6 minus ()
4 stood in a row, then equal (=)
came, and 2.

For 6 minus ()
4 make (=)
2 each time, you know they always do.

And 8 minus ()
1 equal
(=) 7,
Yes and 9 minus
() 5
equal (=) 4.

They formed these lines with a merry rush and then called out for

And 8 minus ()
2 make (=) 6, dear me, how fast the figures run!

And now, just look, they’ve formed again, 9
minus () 8 make (=)

Mr. Arithmetic stood by and clapped his hands in glee;

“My figures never tell a lie” he cried out joyously.




2  + 3
  =  5



7 +
2 = 9

4 + 3 = 7

5 + 4 = 9

5 + 1 = 6

3 + 1 = 4

5 + 3 = 8





1 = 8



5 3 = 2

6 4 = 2

8 1 = 7

9 5 = 4


8 2 = 6

98 = 1


can make learning fun for all concerned and there are
others on site including one to help with simple
arithmetic, several to
help when teaching the
alphabet, others
for memory, counting
stones and a few for
older children.