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Why and How to Share a Nanny

Why Share a Nanny?

by Rachel Willits

A nanny has always been my preferred childcare choice – high quality and flexible home care, but oh so expensive!

For me, a nanny share is the best of both worlds, the childcare I’m after at a much more manageable cost, and depending on how the share works, a really sociable solution too.

Nanny shares can work in all sorts of ways. I’ve now had four, all different, but equally effective. I consider myself a bit of an expert now!

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Sharing a nanny for the 1st time?

lady changing baby's nappyMy first experience of sharing a nanny came when I was expecting my second child. I couldn’t afford to keep my full time nanny whilst on maternity leave but didn’t want to lose my fabulous nanny. I found another family who needed a part time nanny and we shared Victoria between us. I kept her for 2 days a week, the other family for 3, until I was ready to go back to work.

I did another similar share when we moved to Northamptonshire and then when I became involved in Nanny Share I actually shared a nanny with my neighbour. Our daughters were the same age and the best of friends and the nanny looked after them both for 3 days a week in whichever of our houses was most convenient.

My current share is probably the most complicated. A friend and I employ our nanny full time between us, the nanny works for me 1 day a week, for my friend 2 days a week and the remaining 2 days she works for us both, looking after all of our children (5 in total!) together. mum kissing boy better

It’s sometimes chaotic, always lots of fun and the children have a ball. We’re all as flexible as we can be which means we both get the benefit of a nanny being available 5 days a week, at a fraction of the usual cost.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to sharing a nanny, you just need to find out what works for you. It’s important to be as open and flexible as you can be and regular communication is vital.

Good luck. Rachel x

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Nanny Share

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