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A Baby Footprint Makes A Wonderful Keepsake

 by Simon Phillips

Giving a baby footprint or handprint as a present is a great way to give proud parents or grandparents a treasured and personalized keepsake, save money on expensive gifts, and have fun playing with your baby or toddler.  Babies grow up all too quickly, so why not make the effort to create unique and adorable hand and footprints before time runs away with you?

By using a prepackaged baby footprint kit, it’s extremely easy to make your prints and you don’t even have to spend any time trailing round craft stores trying to find appropriate materials and equipment as everything you need will be included in your kit. 

Kits are inexpensive to buy and specially designed to be safe to use with young children and babies.

There are different types of craft kits available for making baby footprints or casts.  Baby ink footprint kits include non-toxic wipes and special paper, so you can be creative and play about with different layouts and designs.  Another option is to make an impression in special baby-safe clay, which also happens to feel nice and squishy between the toes!

baby foot prints

Once you’ve made your baby footprints or handprints, there are endless possibilities for what you can do with them.  Many people choose to display their handiwork in a decorative frame, which will ensure it’s kept safe for posterity.  Frames can be displayed practically anywhere around the home or even on a desk in the office, and of course make cherished gifts.

Another idea is to pair your print or casting with a poem that reflects your joy and happiness of being a new parent.  Poems can be found on the internet, in books, or if you’re feeling inspired you could even try expressing your feelings in your own words.  A poem makes a nice addition to a framed baby footprint, or looks great along with favorite baby photos in a scrapbook.

Wherever your creativity takes you, you and baby are sure to have a lot of fun making your footprints, and the finished results will provide lasting reminders of that special time in your child’s life for years to come.



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