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Child Safety Locks Available

Most parents are completely willing to do what it takes to make sure that their baby or toddler is protected from danger. This applies to household dangers as well. One of the things necessary to keep baby safe is to install cabinet and drawer child safety locks or child safety straps that protect your baby or toddler from getting into anything they shouldn’t in the bathroom or kitchen.

There are many child safety locks and child safety straps available and you should know about them all so as to find the product that works best with your style of cabinets and drawers.

Let’s take a look at the various choices in child safety locks and child safety straps you can choose from. 

childproof lock

Magnet Lock Starter Set—Adhesive-Mounted

You can’t see this type of lock from the outside. They employ a special key that, when kept in place, keep a cabinet closed. They can be disabled by removing the key so they are a good choice for grandmother’s house or for places you visit only occasionally. 

Magnet Locks—Adhesive-Mounted

These are in addition to the above-mentioned starter set and includes for different locks. You may not need them if you put cleaning items, poisons and other toxic items up and out of baby’s reach. Put the pans, pots and Tupperware down on the lower cabinets and leave them available for baby to play with when in the kitchen. They are safe and won’t break. Baby’s find them fun to play with. 

Adhesive Mounted Locks for Drawers and Cabinets

There is nothing to install when you put this type of lock in and they are simple to open with just a single hand. It is impossible to disable and is a good idea for mirrored cabinetry. The adhesive used in these cabinets won’t damage the cabinet so you can simply remove the adhesive when the child is old enough to know right from wrong. 

Swivel Drawer and Cabinet Locks

These are made especially for cabinets and drawers that swivel and can be opened with a single hand. You need to install them with a screwdriver so they only really work on drawers and cabinets made out of wood. 

Cabinet Locks that Slide

They involve plastic U-shaped locks that slide through handles and lock in place without any installation required. Remember that, because they are visible, some kids see them as a challenge to overcome and will outsmart this type of safety lock within a few minutes or hours. Always watch your child, even though you have safety locks. 

Flip Locks for Doors

These are safety locks for regular doors. When flipped closed, they keep the child from passing through the shut door. When open, anyone can pass through them. 

Safety Locks for Toilets

Such locks keep kids from splashing around in the toilet. They keep the lid snug until you undo the latch and open the toilet lid.

Kid-Locks for Stoves

This keeps the kids from being able to turn on the stove. They slide behind the knob so that the knob cannot be turned unless you know how to undo the knob and turn on the stove. It is an especially good idea for gas-based stoves because a child can cause carbon monoxide poisoning if he or she turns the gas on. 

Having safety locks on cabinets, drawers, the stove, outlets and doors you don’t want your child to get into are a vital part of child safety. You can feel a little bit more comfortable having baby and toddler crawl around spaces inside your home without having to keep such an eye on them every second. It also teaches children what to stay out of and they will learn that some places are just off limits. 

Make sure you pick up everything off the floor as well so baby doesn’t have anything but safe toys to play with. Nothing, however, is perfectly safe so you should pay attention to what your child is doing as much as possible so he or she doesn’t get into anything dangerous that you may have overlooked. 

Article provided by www.childproofingtips.com 




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