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Creating The Perfect Bedroom For Your Child

from www.houseofarearugs.com 

Your child’s room should be their sanctuary. No matter what age they are, they should enter their room and feel a sense of peace and ownership. Redecorating your child’s bedroom is one of the best gifts you can give them, and if you pay close attention to what their likes and dislikes are you can create the room of their dreams. 

Most parents begin by taking an inventory of what their child favors as far as color, characters, or toys.

Boys often enjoy rooms that are blue and girls love pink, but you can stray from these set colors with impressive results. 

Rather than choose a simple color, find an object that your child loves. If your daughter is a fan of flowers and butterflies, you can pattern an entire room after them.

space ship Your son might like Disney characters, and if so you could do up a space room with touches of Buzz Lightyear. 

Involving your child as much as possible will ensure that they love and feel comfortable in their room.

Once you have picked a theme, you can begin to layout how the room will look.

Seek out the appropriate placement for the dresser and bed, as well as spacing for any additional furniture you may wish to purchase. You can purchase interesting items for children’s bedrooms, including a space ship bunk bed or a canopy with butterflies. Use your imagination, and the bedroom will come to life. 

It’s tempting to use bright colors in children’s bedrooms, but in smaller rooms less can be more. Focus bright, bold colors on feature walls and stick to neutral colors throughout the room. One main feature wall of bright pink can be neutralized by pure white on the rest of the walls. 

Take the bright pink and trace stencils of butterflies across the white walls to continue the theme and the color. 

The results look spectacular, and you won’t feel closed in by excess color. 

stencilled rose

With children’s rooms, the focus should be on comfort and safety. 

Remember that small children will climb their furniture, and all dressers should be firmly attached to the walls. 

Blinds should be avoided if possible, but if you must have them be sure that he cords are well out of your child’s reach. 

Keep beds, especially bunk beds, away from windows. 

Outlet covers should be on each electrical outlet. 

Noah's ark rug

It’s the small touches that make your child’s room their own. Focus on soft lighting overhead and small lamps on the dresser. A cute nightlight may help them sleep at night. 

animal rug Add a plush area rug to the floor if you have hardwood floors, so their little feet don’t have to touch cold floor in the mornings. 
There are heaps of kids rugs available in an amazing assortment of colors, styles and themes; you are bound to find the perfect one.  patterned rug

A small beanbag and an area to read books is always a special addition, because it gives them a place to relax and spend some quiet time. 

A great room for your children is a wonderful way to make them feel safe and secure. The room you create for them now will become a cherished memory for them as they grow up. 




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