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car seat

How to ensure your child’s car seat safety

car seat


Ensuring your child’s safety while travelling in a car or vehicle should be the first priority for every parent. If you are a first time mom or dad, you may not be fully aware of the steps you need to take to ensure your child’s safety. Handy tips and hints can guide you in making every journey safe for your child.

Choosing the right car seat

Different car seats are available for children of different ages. It is recommended to start with an infant car seat for your new born, shift to a convertible car seat as your child reaches the age of around 6 months and then finally buy a booster car seat when your child reaches the age of 1 year.

Infant seats are recommended for new born babies as they give you the freedom to take the seat out of the vehicle and carry it around with you conveniently. Infant car seats come with 5-point harness system and are installed in rear facing position which provides maximum protection to the child. 

Convertible car seats can also be installed in rear facing position, but they cannot be detached from the car to move around, which is a major drawback for using them for infants.

red car seat Parents should make sure that they invest in a car seat which has deep side wings, and has passed and tested for side impact protection. Side impact crashes have the highest fatality rate among children as compared to front and rear crashes. 

Seats which use extra padding of EPS Energy Absorbing Foam are the best when it comes to providing a comfortable and safe ride.

Installing the seat properly

The next thing to ensure after you have bought the seat is installing it properly in the vehicle. 

Rear facing seats should be installed at the back seat instead of the front passenger seat, as they can have problems with the vehicles air bag. 

Similarly, you should make sure that the seat is latched properly.

You may need to get a few extra latching clips to secure the seat tightly in place. 

Make sure that the seat does not move more than an inch side-to-side at the base once it is installed. Anything more than an inch means that the seat is not installed tight enough.

latching clip

Most baby car seats are LATCH equipped to install in rear car seats which have LATCH installed. Using the LATCH system is much easier and leaves less room for errors in installation. Be sure to follow the manufacturer instructions for seating position and installation instructions. Baby car seats can be installed using the vehicle’s seat belt as well as using LATCH system.

Don’t use extra accessories on the car seat

Car seats are tested by the manufacturer without adding any extra accessories. Using extra car seat accessories which have not been created and tested by the manufacturer can actually harm the baby in case of an accident. 

Infant accessories like a toy bar can cause injury to the baby in the event of a crash. Extra items attached with the car seat can also alter the way a seat is designed to perform in a crash. Therefore, using any extra items with your baby car seat should be avoided at all costs.

Never compromise on your child’s safety

Whether you travel by car, bus, train or airplane never compromise on your child’s safety. Always make sure that the baby is secured in the seat and the seat is properly installed. It may seem convenient to simply place the child in the seat, and not tighten the harness in place, but a little precaution every time is always well worth it.

Buying a used car is another safety risk which some parents take. With a used car seat, you can never be sure that the seat still meets safety standards and will be able to keep your baby protected in case of an accident. New car seats are factory tested and give you peace of mind that they have not been in an accident before. With a used car, you can never be sure unless you get the car from a trusted source.

Using a baby car seat for you child not only ensures your child’s safety but it also gives you the assurance that your child is safe. Researching and reading reviews online is a good way to decide which car seat will go with your vehicle and will fit your child. Testing the car seats with your baby and using it is also a good thing to do before you actually buy the car seat. This will help you decide if your child feels comfortable in it and if the seat is easy to install and use.


This article has been contributed by Dependable Car Seats, USA.

Anything on this site is not intended in any way to be a replacement for, or as a substitute to, qualified professional advice. It is recommended you consult an appropriately qualified person or service. 



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