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Bullying, experiences and where to get help.


Although bullying
has unfortunately always been part of life, it seems to have got
progressively worse over the years in the U.K. with the latest thing
being “textual harassment” i.e. bullying by
sending text messages to mobile telephones.  One young teenager taking an overdose of paracetamol to end her misery.  I was, therefore, sad to hear that bullying also
takes place in schools in America.

I have recently received a message from a youngster which I
thought may help others dealing with this predicament –

“I have a friend in my
class who had been bullied from year 4. We are now in year 8 and it
has only just stopped. Today we had to do our speeches and she did
her speech on bullying. I was very proud of her when she confronted
him. As a friend the least you could do is stick by the victim if
the bully knows their victim has friends they loose confidence. Just
look after them and try to make them feel wanted.

It is a shame more victims
don’t have friends like this.

I have received this heart felt plea from a
grandmother (which I have edited for obvious reasons) –

“I am a grandmother of a wonderful 8 year old in the
third grade. She is an honor roll student, outstanding softball player and competitive
swimmer.  Our problem is that she is 5’2” tall and weighs just over 100 pounds.
  She is healthy and obviously active.  Her paediatrician agrees that she is over
the average height and weight, but wants to give her some time to see if the healthy
nutritional suggestions we are following will work in the near future.  Our real
problem is BULLIES!  The two main groups of girls in her grade tease, make a point to
ignore and not include here in activities and are truly downright cruel to her and she
often cries and doesn’t understand.  She is such a wonderfully kind little girl.
  She goes out of her way to be kind and friendly to two of the children who are
disabled in her class – not just to have peers, this kid is really one of the most
compassionate I have ever seen.

We’ve spoken to the school, who offered the guidance of a
counsellor, but their answer basically was she was going to have to learn to deal with it.

Should I call the parents of the bullies?  I’ve seen how
some of these parents can be vicious at a simple softball game and I wonder if it could
make things worse.  Any suggestions appreciated.  I love this special little one
so much.  Thank you.”

Bullies are usually cowards and jealousy can be a motive.
  This young lady appears to be talented and compassionate with a very loving family.

In the U.K. it always seems that the victims, whether of
crime or bullying, are the ones that suffer most.  In the case of bullying it is
often the victim which is isolated by the school or who has to move to another school.

More on

Bullying is a very complex subject which, I am pleased to
say, is getting more publicity of late. I am not qualified to give advice but
I have been made aware of several sites which have evolved due to the recent realisation of the
magnitude of this problem.  These sites provide sensible, realistic advice to
everyone connected with this major problem:-




https://www.consumersbase.com/esafety-guide/  – this guide not only covers
cyberbullying but several other aspects on keeping children safe while online.


The full guide for parents, children and schools

Unfortunately, it is not only
bullying that is a problem for young people, in today’s digital world 
there are many other ‘dangers’ of which we should all be aware.  These
excellent guides highlight the problem and provide excellent advice on what to
look out for and actions to take to help alleviate the situation.

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