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Planning and arranging a Baby Shower

by Julian Pollock

Stage 2


There are really only two main parts remaining in Stage Two. 

The Menu for the Shower Party

First there’s the food and drinks to make everyone happy and content. 

If there are only a few guests and you feel up to it, you can probably prepare all the food, snacks, desserts and beverages yourself with a few friends. If not and it's at a private residence, you need to get in some outside caterers. They will also be able to provide all the necessary crockery and cutlery, glasses and so on that you'll need. 

Whatever you do and wherever you do it, you need to decide on a menu. Your budget will have a lot to say on this - just make sure the mother-to-be will like most of what you have to offer.

angry looking toddler

Baby Shower Fun and Games

Then there are the fun and games to make it an event to remember. There are lots of possibilities for these and everyone will no doubt have their own ideas of what fun is and their favorite games. 

Please don't forget the host – yes, you! It's important for you to enjoy the day. You're the organizer and if everyone sees that you're happy, they'll be happy and the party will rock. 

baby with 'the end' written on his nappy There are so many ideas on baby shower sites online, but it's still worth checking out your local shops where you see things for real - they just won't have the selection. 

If you've reached the end of your budget, it's the games and fun that make it a party to remember; balloons, flowers and decorations are secondary.

A Few Final Thoughts

One of the main parts of baby shower parties is the giving of gifts to the guest of honor. Etiquette normally requires some form of thank you letter so it's worth having paper and pad to hand to make a record of who gave what - a pad of sticky labels for instance.

If you did end up making your own design of baby shower invitation card, she could even use that as a basis for her thank you letters.

If you have an amateur photographer friend, invite them to take appropriate snaps as well as photos of all the guests - they can be sent out with the thank you letters.

It's worth having an extra shower party game or two up your sleeve in case the fun starts running thin - otherwise improvise.

If you, our readers, have any feedback, other hints and tips, do please send them in.

Stage 1




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