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How to tie a baby sling – cradle carry and hip carry


How to
Tie a Baby Sling

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Many different types of
slings are available, and each can be tied several ways.
The most
common baby slings are the cradle carry and the hip carry.

cradle carry
is popular because it is perfect for infants with its
excellent head and neck support. It is also a good sling to use while

hip carry
is great for children that are a little older because it
allows them to look around and interact with the world while still remaining
close to mom or dad.

Cradle Carry

The cradle carry baby sling is not difficult
to tie but can take a bit of practice.

To tie a cradle carry
baby sling, fold the sling in half lengthwise and then hold it
against your body so the folded side of the fabric is facing your
shoulder and the opening is at your neck.

Adjust the folded piece of fabric so it is draped over one shoulder
evenly, with an equal amount of material in the back and front.

Tie a knot at your opposite hip, slide the sling so the knot is at
your back and spread the fabric out for support.

Practice this method several times before you need to use the sling
to give you the confidence to tie it for your child.

Placing your baby in a cradle carry sling will
be simple when you follow a few tips.
You might have someone help you
with the process of putting your baby in the sling for the first few times.
Place your child in the sling feet first until his/her feet and bottom are
secure. Continue to support his/her weight and head until he/she is resting
comfortably in the sling. This process will become like second nature to you
over time, so don’t worry if it doesn’t come naturally at first.

Hip Carry

he hip carry is similar to the cradle carry,
making it an easy graduation when your baby is older.

For the hip carry, tie
the same knot as you do for the cradle carry, then rotate the fabric
until the knot falls at your shoulder.

The sling will now form a pouch at your hip.

Hold your baby at your shoulder so his/her body is well above the
sling’s pouch and then slide him/her into the sling while bringing
the pouch up over his/her bottom until he/she is sitting in it.
His/her feet and legs should be free.

Spread out the fabric so it is supporting his/her body from his/her
knees to his/her shoulders.

Baby Sling Tips
and Warnings

If you
want a little extra practice, try placing a doll into the sling before
attempting it with your baby. Treat the doll as if it is your child,
remembering infant head and neck support and accounting for weight.

You can
keep your sling tied after each use to make the process easier, just be sure
to regularly check that the knot is secure.

put items into the sling with your baby, as there is just enough room in
there for your little one.

common safety sense when using a baby sling. Never use a stove or oven or
handle hot liquids when wearing your baby and never wear your baby while