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Crying babies – Main reasons why babies cry and what can be done to ease the situation.


We all know how disturbing it is to
hear a baby cry but there are really only nine main reasons why this happens,
these are listed below.  The chart also gives some suggestions as to
what can be done to ease the situation.

Hunger or Thirst                 
Perhaps the baby has not had enough feed or he/she may
just  want a drink, try cool boiled water.


Hot or Cold                          
Although babies need to be kept warm, they can become
 too hot.  Ensure their clothes and covers are suitable for the


Wet/Dirty Nappy                  Always check to see if they need changing.


Put baby to bed or rock to sleep in your arms. 
This may be the only answer if they are over tired.


In need of comfort or reassuranceTalk softly and make eye contact.


Colic Often babies have a restless period in the evening
(often    between 6pm and 11pm – just when you want to sit down or you are
trying to cook the evening meal). This can be due to colic which is sometimes caused by
wind.  Burp baby by holding over shoulder and patting back lightly.

Or laying baby
stomach down on your knee and stroking up the back towards the head.  Warm boiled
water or gripe water can also help.  Colic nearly always disappears by the time
baby is three months old.

I have received the following
information and advice from a new mum which others may find of
interest –

My son is five weeks old and has severe gas that
started at two weeks … it is tough for them, they ball up, kick, and
scream — sometimes inconsolably because of the pain. They may also do
this at feeding time and arch or choke Spit up or vomit too, but not
always) … these symptoms can mean the gas is part of a larger
problem… GER (severe acid reflux) This is very common in babies but
has only recently been discovered, estimates say it can effect up to
50% of babies. It is caused by a missing flap at the bottom of
the oesophagus which would normally keep acid from coming up as baby
digests food. Good news moms, it will grow in usually within 13 weeks
but can be up to 8 months — in rare occasions to age two. Better
news, symptoms can be controlled by medication to ease babies
discomfort, so talk to your doctor. Also smithicone drops can relieve
gas discomfort they are sold over the counter and are safe for infants
(even newborns) because the medicine does is not absorbed by a babies
system. Grip Water also used for gas or colic should not be used it is
unregulated and some contain, charcoal — which can interfere with the
absorption of minerals and vitamins, alcohol, or baking soda, and all
contain herbs know to be safe by the FDA, but they don’t mention as
the FDA advised me, they are known to be safe in adults only and not
recommended for children. Mom’s people will tell you fussiness is
colic and there is nothing you can do but medical science has caught
up and is uncovering the colic myth so talk with you doctors and do
research, be your babies advocate and he will feel much better — take
it from me, last night my guy went down for 6 hours and has been
sleeping all day … something he had not done for week. Also helpful
is “what to expect the first year” this book gives the
latest info and is filled with advice, I look up my son’s symptoms in
the index and can read if it is normal or not, helps to advise when to
call the doc or when you can ease things yourself and how.


TeethingRubbing baby’s gums with a clean finger can soothe
this problem.   Sometimes chewable foods, such as rusks can  help.

Suitable teething rings, which can be cooled in the fridge or a teething gel
such as Bonjela may also ease some of the pain.


BoredomEven young babies need stimulation.  Playing games
like peek-a-boo or “this little piggy” often
helps.  All children     respond to attention.


We all know this feeling. 

Try singing and
rocking baby gently  in your arms or going out for a walk – good for both of

If baby is still fractious try a gentle massage with baby lotion  (don’t let your
husband see though, he may get

Background noise can sometimes help – vacuum cleaner,  radio, hair dryer etc.

If you are still awaiting baby’s
arrival you may find this

useful and enlightening as it provides a glimpse into all you can
anticipate with each passing week of your pregnancy,