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Costs of travelling with children by air

With the credit crunch hitting everyone harder each month even the annual summer holiday can bring it's own problems, both financial and emotional.

When flying with children, domestically or further afield, there is much to consider and check before booking.

Some of the more important questions to bear in mind are :-

Are there excess charges if so what are they?
Is it possible to take a pushchair with you and, if so, what if any, extra costs are involved.
Can you take car seats on the plane and are there any extra charges?
Up to what age do children travel free of charge?
What is the scale of charges for children's fares?
Are there children's meals available;  if so, are there any special requirements for ordering before travel?
Will there be any onboard entertainment provided on board for the children?
Are there any additional check-in charges?


N.B.  Charges and regulations change on a regular basis so it is imperative to check with your particular airline at the time of booking to ensure you are in possession of the most up to date information.






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