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Music Trivia quiz for you to test your knowledge on Middle of the Road music

Music Quiz

Middle of the Road

Do you have a few minutes to spare, see how many of
these questions you can answer.  If you want to pit your wits on a more classical
theme, there is a page to suit you!


Which instrument did Jimi Hendrix


What is Elton John’s
real name? 

Who wrote and sung “Peggy

Who revived skiffle music in the

To what does the “5”
refer in Dave Brubeck’s “Take 5”?

How is a Hurdy Gurdy played?


What style of music do you
associate with Scott Joplin?

The rock opera “Tommy”
featured which well known group?

Which year did the Beatles record
“All you need is Love”?

Which style of music do you
associate with the Sex Pistols

The father of American singer
Jack Jones was also a famous singer, what was his name?

What is a chord?

Which of Elton John’s songs is in
memory of Marilyn Monroe?

Who was known as the
“mother of the blues”?

Which two rock singers sang
“Don’t go breaking my heart” in duet?