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the nuts and bolts of harmony, guitar playing and accordion buttons.

By Gerry Jones of Liverpool Country Dance Band


CHORDS are when you play notes together on a keyboard at the same time.

Start with THIRDS; this is when you play any note, MISS OUT the note right next to it, but play the NEXT one as well: like C (miss D) and E. Hold down C and E, and you will hear a pleasant, cheerful, enjoyable sound.

Try this with any “1st and 3rd” notes, and you will get the same kind of sound. Not near the bottom end of the piano – too muddy. Not right at the top end – too twittery. Stick round the middle.

Now try playing “one-finger” tunes, with the same two fingers.

Tap the rhythm of “Jingle bells” !

Another good one is “Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket”.

Now you are playing in THIRDS, and these are CHORDS.

The next stage is to play Three-Note Chords, ; Play one (miss one) Play one (miss one ) Play one. THREE notes at the same time.

Maybe C+E+G, or F+A+C (“doh + me + Soh”) or anything like that.

Play around, have fun, enjoy the sounds.

Then watch out for my next article about which different Three-Note Chords you will need for your song.







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