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One of our visitors asked the following question and I am pleased to say someone provided the answer -

"Where can I find a wheel I can turn to find the different keys, how many and what are the sharps or flats in each key, different chords and their make up etc. What are the sharps and the flats in order of the keys. 1 flat, 2 flats, etc.,"

Apparently this is called a "Chord Dial" and these can be found on

  Thanks to Janet Drone for answering this one - she was the only person who responded


USEFUL TIP (sent in by Gerry Jones - Musician)

One of the most useful musical mnemonic I have ever come across;

Father  Charles  Goes  Down  And  Ends Battle.

or even in reverse.

Battle  Ends, And  Down  Goes  Charles'  Father.


This can give you all sorts of information, such as -

  • the Sharps of a key, in their right order.  

  • Or the flats, in reverse


  • the dominant and subdominant of every key.


  • the basic pattern for the left-hand buttons of a piano accordion.


Other music related pages which you may find useful and, hopefully, interesting:-

Simple explanation of musical notation

Musical Mnemonics and Naming the Scale

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