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Unique Ideas for Decorating a Media Room with a Musical Theme

by Alyssa Davis

Decorating your media room in a musical theme can be a lot of fun. By using a little creativity, you can pay tribute to either your own favorite type of music or musician, or do an overall musical theme. For example, you could do your media room in a Beatles theme, an overall country music theme, or as a tribute to the big band era music, just to name a few ideas.

Painting to Create Eye-Catching Effects

Painting a musical score around the room can create an eye-catching effect, either as a border around the top of the room, or anywhere else on the wall. 

To do this, paint five black lines around the room or on the area of wall that you have chosen. Then, using the sheet music of a favorite song, draw the notes, either freehand, or using stencils.  musical notes on a stave

A variation of this idea would be to stencil the lyrics to a favorite song on the wall.

musicak notes and treble clef on stave Throw Rugs and Pillows

A music-themed throw rug can also be a nice added touch. You can either find one online, or make your own by stenciling a pattern on a rug, such as piano keys around the border of the rug. Some throw pillows could also be created in a similar fashion, either by stenciling or using an appliqué method.

vinyl record Posters

Decorate the walls with posters of your favorite musicians, and other types of musical memorabilia. 

Thrift shops are a great place to pick up old LP and 45 records. Both the records themselves as well as the album sleeves can be framed and used as wall art. 

The art from CD cases could also be used as wall art. 

Posters advertising concert appearances are also unique ways to add musical interest to your media room walls.

books Books

Add some interesting reading material to your media room by collecting books on your favorite artists, or perhaps a collection of sheet music or musical scores. They not only look great in the room, but are interesting and entertaining to read as well.

grammarphone with horn Musical Instruments

You can also choose some musical instruments to use as decorating accents in the room. If you have your own instruments, you could display them in the room; or check out thrift, resale or pawn shops to find guitars, saxophones, or other musical instruments at good prices. 

If the room is large enough, you could even have a piano in the corner. You may use them strictly as decorating accents, or if you and your friends actually enjoy playing the instruments, this could provide another enjoyable use of your media room when friends come to visit.

the word music Perfect Storage Atmosphere for CDs

Of course, you'll be storing your own personal CD collection in your media room, so these can also add to the overall decor of the room. 

Instead of storing your CDs in a closed cabinet, find a display rack that shows them off to their best advantage. 

However you choose to use a musical theme in your media room, you'll find that it adds a lot of fun and style.





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