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Blue accents for a keyboard themed music room

Accents for a Keyboard Designed Music Room

by Jessica Ackerman for

decorating the family music room, keyboard inspired designs are often
popular. This can be an especially creative way of decorating if you
actually have a piano or keyboard in the room. However, even if you use the
music room simply for listening to music and don’t play an instrument, using
a keyboard decorating theme can be effective.

When using a
keyboard theme, the predominant colors are usually black and white.
Although an overall black and white color scheme for a room often
works well, adding an accent color can also be a good approach.

Blue is often a
favorite color to combine with black and white. It can add a
relaxing and soothing atmosphere or an exciting dash of color to the
room, depending on your preferences.


Choosing a Specific Theme

are many different ways you can use keyboards creatively when decorating
your music room. If you actually play the piano or keyboard, you will
probably want to focus on ways to highlight the theme in a functional way.
For example, you could feature your piano or electric keyboard prominently
in the room, and then mirror the keyboard theme in your other decorating
accents used on the walls.

If you
don’t play the keyboard but enjoy a particular pianist, you could choose to
focus on this particular musical artist as you decorate the room.

Or, if
your children are just learning to play the piano, you could find fun ways
to use the room decor as an inspiration for them, such as including books
and music featuring young and talented artists.

course, you could always just use an overall keyboard motif throughout the
room, even if you aren’t focusing on the piano specifically. For example,
you could paint a keyboard along with musical notes on blue walls to create
an interesting focal point for the room.


Focusing on Blue Accents

gathering your decorating supplies, try to focus on finding interesting
musical-themed items that include touches of blue. If you’ve painted the
walls blue, adding additional blue accents throughout the room will help to
tie together your black, white and blue color scheme. One way to do this is
to look for music books, posters, or album covers that contain blue shades.

If you
are crafty, you could also add keyboard touches to store-bought items, such
as hand-stenciling a keyboard motif around the top edge of a blue lampshade.

blue furniture can also help tie the overall look together. If you already
have furniture in the room which isn’t blue, consider purchasing blue
slipcovers. This can help you emphasize your black, white and blue color
scheme without the need to spend a lot of money replacing furniture.

Keyboard Themed Decorating Ideas

Depending on the desired overall mood for the music room, you can create a
relaxing environment with light blue walls, a stenciled keyboard design, and
wall art which includes framed sheet music, album covers, and other items
that have a keyboard motif.

lady and child sitting at a piano

Or, you might prefer a more high-energy approach,
using electric blue accents in a room decorated predominantly with
black and white.

If the music room is used by young budding
pianists when they practice, make it fun by adding playful touches,
such as painting whimsical musical notes on the wall.

Whichever direction you take, you can guarantee
that your music room will definitely hit the right style note.


 Professional designer Jessica Ackerman, writes for WallDecorandHomeAccents.com, and specializes in decorating with fish metal art and
candle sconces.?