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Creating Your Own Home Theater / Theatre

 by Alyssa Davis

Whether you are designing a family room, bachelor pad, or hangout spot for singles or couples, a home theater (theatre) system can be a great addition to the home. A valuable system also adds value to the home itself. Even on a tight budget, there are a few things that you can do to create a great home theater (theatre) that will be the envy of your friends and family members. Here are some helpful tricks:-

There are a few key fundamentals to creating your own home theater (theatre). These include the television, movie player, speaker system, and surround sound equipment. Without these, a home theater (theatre) system seems lacking, and may not function properly. 

For a great in-theater experience, you will need the four basics. In addition, you will need to know how to install each, or where to find someone who can.

Your television is the most important aspect in most cases. 

Too large, and the sound quality may not match the screen size. 

Too small, and the sound may be overpowering the picture. They should balance with each other, providing an optimal visual and audio experience for your home. 

man in armchair watching huge tv

The average size of the home theater (theatre) television is approximately 27-32”, depending on your budget and space considerations. Although brand name is not particularly important, you should note that you might get what you paid for when you go with an off-brand of television.

Next, the movie player is important. Although probably the least important of the four, it should be appropriate for the style of sound you are attempting to create. For example, even the most outstanding audio system will not do much to compensate for the poorer quality of a VHS movie player (if you can find one to purchase to begin with). Laserdisc systems are very popular, but a less sophisticated DVD player or Blu-ray player can be sufficient on a tighter budget.

The speaker system depends on the audio capacity of the home theater (theatre) space. 

For smaller rooms, you obviously need fewer speakers to produce a high quality sound. The placement of the speakers is what makes the most difference. Most systems offer between two and eight speakers for the room, depending on the system that you purchase. 

stereo system One of the more common placement options is at the front of the room, which may be your television speakers in many cases, sides for larger rooms, and the back of the room. 

Smaller spaces can make do with a set at the front of the room, and two in the back of the room, usually in the corners. 

Point the speakers toward the seating in the room for maximum effect.

Finally, the surround sound equipment you choose should be appropriate for the space you are working with. This can include a projector and receiver combination, amplifier, tuner, equalizer, and similar components that balance and clarify the sound coming from your chosen speaker system.

Higher end surround sound systems will produce higher quality sound, but can cost a great deal more initially. This is another component that should be chosen based on your budget.

Sometimes, it takes some experimentation to set up the system, especially in regards to speaker placement. Creating your own home theater (theatre) is normally a trial and error process, but once you have things installed to your liking, you will discover a wonderful place to gather with family and friends to watch television or movies, or simply listen to music. This will save you a significant amount of money if you are a frequent movie-goer, as you can choose to wait and purchase the movie to watch on your home theater (theatre) system and have the same effect as the theater (theatre) screen virtually.

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