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Easy Listening in a Guitar Themed Music Room

by Jessica Ackerman of WallDecorandHomeAccents.com

cartoon guitar wearing boots Music rooms are always fun to decorate, simply because there are so many different options.

You can use a particular type of music, a popular artist, or even musical instruments as the overall design inspiration.

The guitar is an extremely popular musical instrument which can serve as the focus for your family music room's decorating theme.

Deciding on a Specific Theme

Using the guitar as the overall theme inspiration for your music room can provide for many different decorating options. You could choose to focus on a particular guitar artist, a specific type of guitar, or go with an overall guitar theme.

One of the best ways of deciding on a theme is to think about the interests and preferences of your family members. For example, if your children have a favorite guitar artist, it can add a bit of personalization to feature this artist in your music room.

Or, if you or another family member actually plays the guitar, you might want to display your own musical instruments, or use sheet music from favorite songs that you like displayed as framed wall art.

If you happen to collect guitars, this can provide the perfect way to use your collection in a decorative way. You might also want to focus on a particular type of music, such as acoustic guitars used in country music or electric guitars used by rock bands.


Gathering Your Decorating Supplies

If you collect guitars or play the instrument, finding some decorating supplies could be as easy as visiting your own closet.

The music room is the perfect storage location for all musical instruments, including guitars. If you actively play the instruments, display them in a way that provides you with easy access. Guitars that are collected primary as display pieces can be used as decorating accents anywhere in the room.

Other supplies to gather include sheet music, album covers, LPs and singles of your favorite guitar music, posters of your favorite guitar artists, concert ticket stubs, and any other kinds of memorabilia that can you can utilize when decorating the room.

Guitar Themed Decorating Ideas

If you have an assortment of small items, such as a guitar pick collection or concert ticket stubs, these could work well in a shadowbox frame.

Posters, sheet music, album covers and the records themselves can be framed and used as wall art.


Wall shelves can be a great solution for displaying actual guitars, although you want to make sure they are deep enough to prevent the instrument from falling and becoming damaged.

Or, simply prop a guitar against the wall in the corner of the room for a casual musical decorating touch.

If you play the guitar, keep your favorite instruments close to a comfortable chair in the room, along with any music you frequently use, to make it easy to enjoy playing.

If you like to get together in the music room with friends who also play the guitar, creating an impromptu stage or group seating arrangement can make the room more enjoyable. A CD collection of your favorite guitar music can add the final touch.


 Professional designer Jessica Ackerman, writes for WallDecorandHomeAccents.com, and specializes in decorating with fish metal art and candle sconces.




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