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CDs and DVDs



https://www.greendisk.com/gdsite/default.aspx - is a great company that recycles technotrash. Worth checking out!


Recycle them. For instance the city of Glendale, CA, takes cds in the recycling bins. However the jewel cases are not recyclable through the city system. Please check your own municipality.



Does anyone know the best adhesive to use for sticking CD Roms?

In response to this I have received the following:-

"In Minneapolis there is a yearly parade of art cars - old cars transformed into rolling masterpieces.  One guy covers his car with CDs and uses the glue one would use for applying fake fingernails (the professional glue, not the kind in the drugstore kit).   He says that nail glue was the most permanent adhesive he had found."

Thanks to Jennifer Wegiarz for this useful information as well as another suggestion for using CDs - not that I am suggesting you stick them all over your Dad's car!

Apparently the trick to cutting CDs is to warm them with a hair dryer and then use utility kitchen scissors.

Denis Vermeirre .

I would avoid melting or too much cutting. I do believe there are toxins involved.



  • Jewelry / jewellery: You can just cut any shape from a CD very carefully and use it as a necklace, a pin, a barrette...this look is very futuristic and all your friend will love the cool reflection effect. (Maybe you have to file the edges to make them smooth)


  • I have stuck several CDs low down to a fence in a shady part of my garden which reflects sunlight onto the normally shaded flower bed. The extra sunlight makes plants that usually grow in full sun to thrive in the shady area.


  • Glue a lid of an old sports bottle lid (the one you open by pulling the valve, I forget what's it called) or a dish-washing detergent lid to the hole of a CD. Next, you blow a balloon with air then, trying not to lose any air, pop the balloon onto the lid. Place the hovercraft on a smooth surface, a glass table is good. A great toy for kids.

Eya Farev

  • Another use for CD's.Glue on old jewelry...or the best is the cheap molded beads from Mardi Gras. The prestrung beads are glued on in rows covering the ugly side of the cd. We used hot glue. You can also hang loose strands on the edge for a fringed effect. Glue a string at the top to hang it with. We made these for our outside Christmas tree and they looked spectacular. The silver side adds sparkle and they are weatherproof!

Catherine Singleton

  • Zzip-tie a string of cd's together. On the last CD in the string, drill out a small notch big enough to lock into a vertical blind holder.

Sean Shrum

  • To make a photo display, you will need approximately 3 and 1/2 yards of decorative ribbon between 2 and 3 inches wide. Cut a 30 inch length of ribbon and attach a bow and a hanger to one end and cut the other at a slant. Glue 3 CDs to the ribbon, shiny side out and equally spaced . Glue photos to the CDs for vertical hanging. These look especially nice on a very narrow wall section.

Inetia C.

  • You can make a guitar pick by tracing a real guitar pick and cutting it out.


  • My kids love their shiny fish they made. Take 2 cds and some colored paper. Cut lips and a tail out of the colored paper and glue to the label side, glue label sides together, fan fold a 4 x 6 inch piece of colored paper and slide it through the center hole for a fin, attach a googily eye and hang with fishing line.

Nancy Clanton

  • Drill 4 holes in the edges of several CDs. Use wire to tie them together so they create a sheet. Hang these sheets of CDs from the ceiling and they create a partition, yet light is shared between the divided sides.
  • Bob

  • Cds or dvds drill a very small hole top and bottom of the cd or dvd, add magazine photos or your own printed pictures; tie strong cord or string linking three cds or dvds and hang up. Now you got your own mobile picture frame also good for reflecting sunshine into a room.

    Steven Moran

  • I put CD's on fence posts and around the chicken coop to deter hawks and other birds who would like a chicken dinner. The shiny reflection works like a distraction as they fly over. I put CD's on fence posts and hang them from trees to deter deer from the garden.

Dar Brandon

  • Use as scrapers when cleaning pots and pans.  Use them as-is, or cut them into any desired shape to best fit your pots and pans.


  • Marybeth Norton says use cds as a hanging mobile. Paint cds add stick on decorations cut hole in them put string or wire and make a hanging mobile. Cleverer way to scare birds!!

  • John says - use the cds to scare away not only birds, but rabbits too. Pesky things eat at your carrots and other fruits/veggies.

  • First, stick 7 or 9  unwanted cd's to each other with a glue (so that the written label won't be seen). Make two more sets in a similar manner. Now stick one end of a cd set (which will be a side) to the end of another set which will be the base of the rack (L-shaped). Then stick one more set which makes the other side wall.

    Make 3-4 "U" shaped sections as above.

    Now glue each of these sections on top of one another. Finally you have got a small jewellery rack.

    Note- make sure that you support the sides of cd's whilst gluing and until the glue has dried to keep them firm make the rack steady.

    Atson Thomas

  • I used a cd to make a switchplate for my daughter's room. It's really pretty and modern. I just traced her old switchplate on the cd to mark the switch and screw placement. Then I used a drill to make all the holes and cleaned up the switch hole with a dremel tool sander.


  • My son needed to make a 3-D Name tag for art class that is made out of things he is interested in. (xbox games, music, computer games, board games etc..) and we could not use any "normal" art stuff. We decided to use a cd and glue scrabble letters to it and cut out pictures of his favorite games to glue on. Also, we used ear buds as the holder to go around his neck.

    Dennae and Son

  • Use them to decorate the sides of a contemporary (box style) table by mounting them in a scalloped pattern on the table sides. A black finish on the remainder of the wood would be cool. The one that I want to build had three different sizes of boxes that get smaller toward the bottom with lights that shine down the sides. (A design by Chris Lowell) This would reflect on the CDs and give it an really dramatic effect. 

Rick Colvin

  • Make a lovely original earrings tree. Drill small holes in a stack of cds; Using a large dowel (which fits the center of the cds), score the dowel at three inch intervals); Glue the dowel to a round or square wooden base. Spray paint the dowel and the base. Slide the cds over the dowel, inserting into the grooves. Voila a cool looking earrings tree.

Lise Lirette

  • I used my old arm patches (Police/Fire/Military) glued to CD's and you have coasters.

Ernest J. Theriot

  • Cut the cds into Squares and Rectangles and fit the together to make a mirror. Works best with different colors.

Casey Z.

  • I am in the process of using some old cds to create a Christmas tree.  The bottom row would be as wide as you wish and then proceed upward as you eliminate a cd from each row.  To prepare the backside, glue two cds together so you don't have any unpleasant labels showing.  Add some bows and Christmas balls, hang a shiny bow at the top to use as a hanging device and enjoy.


  • My CD holiday tree decoration thing was great here in the US. I did the outside trees next to the road. I made phone wire loops and used them to attach the CDs so they would swing in the wind.

The Microsoft DevNet packages come quarterly in sets of over 15. Each is a different jewel tone so it had a real appearance of Christmas decorations during the daylight hours. The view at night was even more spectacular. I was concerned about the reflection, too, but the headlights hit the CDs randomly hung and often moving with the wind. They were visible from a block away.

I met the school bus to let the children know that the software was old and boring - just in case they were tempted.

Setting the CDs in cement for garden step stones was not as successful. They did not retain the holographic effect evenly and looked mottled or just like plates of plastic.


  • Those formerly useless CDs are good to place in a backpack or daypack when hiking, or boat to use as a signal mirror to attract attention when in distress. They are cheaper and lighter than the square glass signal mirrors with the hole in the center found in outfitters stores.

Pappy Price

  • Use those throw away CD's you get in the mail or check with a company who installs a lot of software. 

Cut a CD in half with old scissors you do not mind dulling. 

Then cut one of the halves in half. You will use 3/4 of it to make one angel. 

Using 4 1/2 inch paper doilies ($1 for 100 at DollarTree), fold one in half with a little larger half on one side and glue it over the half CD with the larger half over the printed side of the CD. Use the plain area of the CD as the front. 

Then fold another doily in quarters and fit it over the 1/4 CD and glue it on. 

Looking at the photo, glue the 2 parts of CD's together at the angel's waist. 

Using a 1 inch mirror, button, sequin, seashell, anything you have that is close to that size- as her head, glue it on with just the bottom touching the top as shown. 

Loop a ribbon for her hanger and glue it on the back of the head. 

Tie a matching bow at the waist. 

Cut a tiny silver or gold piece of tinsel, etc. as the halo and glue it on. 

I like to use the long garland that has a wire in it and has the loose stars on it for the halo. You only need about 1/2 to 1 inch for the halo. 

angel ornament made from cd and doilies
  • She shines so pretty under the Christmas lights, she is easy to store flat, and she is very inexpensive to make. You can also use them to decorate gifts. I make them with pastel ribbon for a baby gift decoration. I take them to hospitals inserted in a card for a sick person. I put them in with a graduation or birthday gift.

 Lainey Lee.

  • Cds can be cut into the shape of a star. Slide a light bulb-end through the center hole. this works as the star above the manger nativity.


  • Use as a candle coaster.  With shiny side up place votive or small candle in the hole.  Candle will burn and make a cool reflection.


  • Also, put two cds, shiny side up on the rear (bottom) with duct tape.  This will serve as a warning!

Todd and Amanda 

  • You can sharpen the outer side of the CD rom and use it as regular paper cutting knife for cutting clippings from newspapers , art work etc.

Anand Ghurye

  • Use as a pooper scooper!

Carlos Saul

  • Draw or trace any design onto the printed side of the CD.  Place the CD on a piece of marble.  Using an electric stencil cutting tool, cut out the design from the CD.  The marble seems to keep the tip of the tool a bit cooler so that cut edges are very smooth.  If you want a design with "looser" edges hold the CD in your hand while using the stencil cutter (be very careful though).

I have used this technique to make lapel pins as gifts and to create 'branches' which I glued to a 24-in cone (on which I had strung mini-lights) to make a Christmas tree which I then donated to a local charity for their Showcase of Trees fundraiser - it won a ribbon.

 Tina van de Wal.

  • Old disks can be used as pieces of the board game checkers (chequers).

 Robbie Hay

  • Cut them up and make mosaics.

 Carol Molina

  • To stop the boss creeping up behind you or to see what is going on behind you, stick a CD to the corner of your PC monitor using Blu-Tack (like a rear view mirror).

Anon (I wonder why!!!)

  • Use as party invitations, handmade labels giving details and directions.

Jon Pocock

  • Use shiny side up, stick on the front of a birthday card with double sided 3D tape or stickers for a teenager or someone into music or computers...  decorate with craft stickers or pens etc.

Shani Lawrence

  • Cut into 2cmx2cm squares and fit together to make a mirror or a mirror frame.

Laura Eccles

  • I made the border of a mirror just paint a whole bunch of cds (dependinq on the size of your mirror) and glue them onto the border, any colors. It makes a beautiful decoration but it takes a lot of work.


  • Use CDs to scrape frost and snow from car windows.

 Jean Gormally

  • CD Wall - drill holes at 3, 6, 9 and 12 o'clock and attach together with cable ties in a large poster size lattice.   Put nylon string through the top ones and hang as a picture.

  • If you have a dark work space and limited light, stick them to the sides and under anything hanging over the desk and then aim the light source at them.  You end up with way more light than before due to the reflection.

Clara Phillips 

  • Hang several with fishing line under your deck to keep birds from building nests under there. The reflection scares them away.


We do not have many decks in the U.K. but this suggestion may be useful for preventing house martins from nest building on the outside of houses.

I have been taken to task with regards this suggestion.  Terry Jones points out that these little birds travel thousands of miles from Africa, eat tons of insects and cause no harm.  If the droppings bother you nail a piece of plastic at right angles to the wall beneath to catch them and wipe it off each year.

A really original suggestion received from Jayne Grant.

  • They would make an excellent marker for an adventure trail.  Hang the CDs from trees, fences, signs etc. to make a trail for others to follow behind you.  This would be especially effective at night, somewhere dark, where torches would have to be used to see the reflective surfaces.   Mark the other side of each CD with a letter from a phrase or name and when the kids following the trail get back to base they can arrange the CDs to find the answer to the quiz.

I am sure this could be adapted to treasure trails for adults etc. - thanks Jayne!

  • They make a tool to attach to trees/shrubs/even laying on the ground (put a stick in center hole to keep in place - doh!) to either mark your trail, preventing circular routing, or, signalling for assistance.


  • Cover for Square tissue box - Use 6 cds of different colours or all gold looks good also.  The cd for the top has to have the big circle removed in order for the tissues to come up through it.  With a tiny nail heated on the stove burner, burn four tiny holes in each cd opposite each other and fasten together with gold cord.  Form 5 together, one for the bottom and four for the sides, and insert tissue box.  Pull a tissue half way out and put 6th cd on top and fasten all together. - Use 6 cds of different colours or all gold looks good also.  The cd for the top has to have the big circle removed in order for the tissues to come up through it.  With a tiny nail heated on the stove burner, burn four tiny holes in each cd opposite each other and fasten together with gold cord.  Form 5 together, one for the bottom and four for the sides, and insert tissue box.  Pull a tissue half way out and put 6th cd on top and fasten all together.

Ms. Match

Please be careful when heating the nail on a stove burner.  It may be safer to use a small drill.

  • Disco ball - Cut them up into squares of about 1 cm with sharp and tough scissors, glue onto a styrofoam ball and you have a disco ball!


  • A variation on the above would be to stick them onto a polystyrene wig stand which could be used as an ornament or, perhaps even a headphone holder!!!!!

  • Pile them up and see how far you can kick all of them.  Get your friends to see if they can beat your score.

 Lemm S

  • Game  -  Draw a large target on the ground made up of several different size circles inside each other.   Place scores in each circle, with the smallest inner circle being the largest score. Then roll the CDs on their edge towards the target (similar to bowls).  Where the CD comes to rest (flat) is the score earned.  If it covers a line no score is given.

  • Vase/Bowl - melt over a can in the oven to make dishes for flower arrangements or sweets etc. (Apparently this works with tomato paste cans and vinyl records). - melt over a can in the oven to make dishes for flower arrangements or sweets etc. (Apparently this works with tomato paste cans and vinyl records).


CAUTION - I have received the following warning from Elliot Clayton regarding heating CDs in the oven

I was reading about what to do with spare cds or cd roms, and one suggestion involved putting them in the oven to melt them.  This can be dangerous because the silver dye is toxic.  When the plastic melts in the oven, there will be no protection for this layer of dye.

Be very careful though, they get very hot.

Make sure you ask first!

  • Fancy Dress - Cover an outfit with CD Roms and go as a "Software Pirate".

Chris Heavey

  • Make medieval chain mail by drilling holes in opposite edges and stringing them together, vertically and horizontally.

Jim Kline 

  • Use as the ice rink when making Christmas gardens etc.

Nancy B.

  • Mount them on plyboard using ply disk in center and screw.  The slight depression in middle of cd will give it a focal point.  Sun light can then be focused on to a single point to heat a water circulation or placed behind greenhouses, sun room to direct light in during winter.   By varying the tension in the centre it can be tuned to winter diffuse light or summer focused light.

  • It may be possible to make a projector of the suns rays for viewing by passing the suns rays down a tube to the CD back to a secondary mirror at 90 deg. and projected safely to a white card.  The tube will help stop light scatter and the low reflective quality of the CD and colour cast could prove interesting.  It could be used to building models of telescopes etc. if only for educational purposes.

Mr. Paul Moore

  • I would like to add a little warning here though - be careful when placing anything like this to catch sunlight as it can cause damage.  My mother once left her spectacles on an upholstered chair and the sunlight came through the window, shone onto the lens and burnt the upholstery on the chair.  This could have caused a very nasty fire.

  • Stick them to the ceiling in a child's/teenagers bedroom.  If younger children have trouble sleeping, tell them to count the CDs.

Tracey Jolly.

  • Mask for Mardi Gras, masquerade parties etc.  by glueing two CDs together so that the center holes line up with your eyes.  Poke two holes in the outer edges of the mask, string something pliable through them.

 Camellia Pasque Woodsorrel 

  • Use as an artists pallet for paint - can also be used in the same manner for lipsticks.

Andrea Sullivan

One of the most popular ideas was "frisbees" -

  • Childs' game - decorate the print side and then use clothes baskets, empty plastic milk jugs, mixing bowls, laundry baskets etc. as targets of different values.  The targets can be moved to increase point value with relative difficulty.  Decorating the targets is also a potential craft activity.

Thanks Tiffany, with similar suggestions fromBarb Harstine, Kelsi, "Msbossy....", Terry.

  • An anonymous contributor also mentioned frisbees but made the very important point that dogs should not be allowed to catch them as they break very easily.

  • Place Tags For dinner party place settings - apparently "sharpies" write on them.


  • Wind Chime  

Jeremy Degler

  • Wallpaper - I glued the plain side of CD on a bedroom wall and when the sun shone in that room it made a beautiful rainbow effect.



  • Fix large clock hands on the wall then use 12 cds as the numerals.  This looks nice and contemporary.

 Amanda B. 

  • Just purchase a clock kit ($5.00) from a craft store and glue gun a hook on the back.


  • I have used them as clock faces.  The centre hole is just the right size to fit the clock shaft.  Put Roman numerals on the mirror side or just use the printed side and change every now and then.

 Mr. Bob Miller

  • Paint them in a design you like and put clock insert into the centre of the CD and hang them on your wall.


  • Take the CD turn shiny side up.  Buy a clock fixture and insert as directed on the packet into the central hole of the CD.  Glue the numbers in the proper order and position onto the front of the CD.  Add clock hands.  Put your new clock onto a plate stand ensuring the clock hands do not touch the holder.

Mary Goff

  • Use Cds or Dvds to make a clock - use glossy magazines to make the front picture of the clock or print your own and stick to Cd or Dvd with pritt stick glue then using wood glue to make the front water proof (it dries clear); then add clock motor and fingers, set hands at three o'clock to set them properly,then set the right time and hey you have a personally made clock.

Steven Moran

  • Lamp Shade   -  free standing/desk top lamp.

J. Walls 

  • Lamp - Stack them together and make a lamp out of them .


The electrical cable could be threaded up through the centre holes and the lamp fitting would fit in the top centre hole.  All wiring should be carried out by a qualified electrician.

Christmas Decorations 

  • Hang on Christmas tree, they reflect the light (small ones are best).


  • Thread ribbon through the centre and tie a nice bow in holiday colours and hang on your christmas tree.  This makes a nice project for the little ones and they reflect the light nicely.

Stephanie Sirois 

  • Purchase a small resin figurine and glue it to the centre of the CD.  It will appear to be skating on the pond.

  • Drill a hole in the top side of the CD.  Glue a recent picture of your child onto the CD.  Take rick-rack, lace or glitter flue and go around the raw edge of the picture.  Hang on tree with green dental floss.

  • Purchase a small nativity scene.  Take 2 CDs and connect them with a small hinge.  This will reflect the scene from bottom and back.


  • Target  -  For skeet (clay pigeon) shooting - a tougher target but may save some plates!


  • Long range target practice.  Using a hot glue gun I put four dots of hot glue and glue them to a poster board (face up to avoid glare).  When you hit one they tend to shatter and the reflected light tells that you hit one.  At ranges of 200 - 300 yards this helps quite a lot.

Gary Buchholz


It has been brought to my attention by  Cyn Richardson that both of these ideas are very bad as the shattered cds contain toxic materials and sharp slivers which, if left on the ground (especially when shattered in the air!!) will pollute the earth and leave dangerous sharp things around for people and/or animals to step on.  It could also be very dangerous to have sharp slivers flying through the air.


  • Chair Leg Stabiliser  - Put felt on one side and use as chair leg stabiliser.

 Sheri Crouse

  • Beverage covers   -  helps keep drinks warmer or cooler at your desk.

Gary Buchholz

  • Drawing aids - Trace 4 3/4" circles (outside) or 9/16" circles inside.

Gary Buchholz

  • Toy Wheels - Glue several together with a fat rubber band glued around the outside and then a dowel rod glued in the centre.

Gary Buchholz

  • Decoration - mailboxes,shoes, etc.

  • Fridge Magnets - put self sticking magnets on the back.

  • Picture frames - put a wallet size picture on them:  design a picture wall, tree ornaments, rear view mirror decoration.      


  • Charity Auction - if the CDs are saleable hold a charity auction.

 Jeannine Taylor

  • Pom Poms

Put two disks together and wind wool through centre hole, over edges and back through centre hole.   Continue in this manner until disk completely covered with wool and the centre hole is full.  Cut wool around outside edge, between two disks. Gently separate the two disks in order to allow you to tie through middle. Pull disk completely off (or cut away) and you are left with a pom-pom.

Ms. Catherine Kennedy.

I do feel the centre hole may be a little small in comparison to the size of the disk so it may be better to take out the centre circle before starting.  This will, however, increase the amount of wool required.

  • String your knitting yarn through the hole in the middle of the disk to prevent yarn from tangling. 


  • Coasters (with a twist)

Draw a square around the CD on a piece of paper making sure you leave about an inch all the way around.  Cut the square out and you now have a pattern.  Cut two squares from polar fleece or terry cloth.  Sew along three sides with right sides together.  Turn right side out and insert the CD.  Sew up the remaining side.  You now have a lovely coaster.  Make yourself a whole set.

  • Jewellery holder

Use a drill to make tiny holes in the CD.  Use the holes to keep track of these earrings.  Necklaces can be threaded through the centre hole.

  • Bird scarer

Hang them from fruit trees etc. to discourage birds from pecking the fruit.  Not only effective but they reflect the light nicely.         

All three tips from Stephanie Sirois 

  • Take a fishing line and hang the discs along the fence around the garden to keep the birds away.


  • Pot stands - Glue wooden beads to the bottom of the CD.  Makes an excellent low cost stand for mini flowerpots.

  • Finger plates/Room names - drill out a large hole so that the CD will fit over the door handle.   Let your child paint, stamp, etc. their own designs to designate their "space".

  • Reflectors - Make emergency reflectors by taking two pieces of 1" x 2" boards, making sure that one is slightly shorter than the other.  Place a hinge on one end so it will be collapsible .  Drill a hole into the longer piece of wood and attach the CD through the centre hole with a wood screw.  Now when you are in trouble you can mark a path to the car so on-coming traffic can see you.

  • Cut a 2" x 4" piece of lumber. Stain and finish to protect against moisture.  Attach 3 CDs that have been cut in half so that they were all facing the same direction.  Attach a piece of wood to the back and drive it into the ground when you campsite is established.

  • Parking aid - Take a strip of 2" x 4" lumber as tall as needed for the height of your garage.   Mark the spaces on the wood and drill holes to attach the CDs with wood screws.   Now it will be easy to see how far the back of the garage is so there won't be any fender benders.

  • Locator - Hot glue two CDs to the outside of your circuit breaker box.  It makes it much easier to see when the lights are out and you need to find the box to check the breakers.

  • All the above are courtesy of "Siren"

  • Placed beside each other and fixed on a flat roof may reflect sunlight and cool the roof and house.

  • Brian Farrugia

  • We got a whole load of them things and used them as roof shingles on our outhouse. We put that shiny side up so as to keep them outhouse cooler in the summer-time. I only wish they didn't have them dam little holes in the middle.

  • Jimmy-Bob Lee

  • Can be used as reflectors for demarcating car parking spaces at parties where the parking lot is not well lit.


    Here are a my original boring suggestions:-

    1:    Make into mobiles they catch the light most effectively

    2:    Stuck on wall in chosen design. Can act as mirror and, once again
           reflects light.

    3:    Hang on sticks in the garden to keep birds off plants.

    4:    Unusual, but safe, handbag mirror.

    5:     Decorate folders by placing on the front and covering with sticky
            back plastic.

    6:    If you get enough, put around a room to form a border or dado rail.

    7:    Strung together vertically and made into a blind.

    8:     Coasters

For other interesting suggestions visit


email your suggestions to me





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