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Innovative storage ideas to make the most of all available space.

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We all know that
you can never have enough storage and, with people living in
smaller accommodation, purpose made storage facilities are often
non-existent.  This makes it even more imperative that best
use is made of any available space which often means being

The object of this
article is to point out ways to increase the amount of storage
available;  some of which maybe more obvious than others
and, even if they are not practical for your particular
situation they will, hopefully, provide food for thought.

Although all
storage space is valuable and will always be filled whether you
thought it was needed or not, it makes sense to evaluate the
type of storage required in the room in question and then
identify any unused space which can be used for this purpose.

flat topped wooden trunkFlat topped
trunks, storage cases, boxes with lids
, can double up as coffee
tables and storage. 

If this is to be frequently used as a
table it would be best used to store items that are not required
too often otherwise it may be slightly inconvenient. 

It is
also important to remember not to store any items that can harm
children e.g. craft items, unless it can be locked.

Ottomans can also
be useful both as storage and as extra seating as and when

Beds containing
within the base are very useful especially for storing
extra blankets, duvets, pillows etc. but be careful not to place
anything heavy in these compartments as, in my experience, they
are not that strong.  If there is a space beneath your bed,
purpose made storage boxes are available to utilise this space
for storage.

Occasional, end,
or small tables with drawers
can provide additional storage; 
if there are no drawers, tables can be covered with a cloth that
reaches the ground and then the space underneath the table used
for storage.

Shelves and
are always a safe bet to provide extra storage. Use
the tallest possible as they take up the same floor space as a
shorter model and the top shelves can be used to store items
that are used less frequently. 

To prevent shelves looking
cluttered and messy store items in decorative boxes and/or

Wall hung shelves
are a good option as they take no floor space but these can be
very heavy, especially when filled, so it is imperative the wall
and fixings are able to support this weight. 

If in rented
accommodation it is wise to check if you are allowed to hang
such shelves.

lady dusting high bookshelf

If you are lucky
enough to have a bay window you could install a
window seat with
a hinged lid thus creating valuable storage as well as
additional seating.  If there is no bay window it maybe
possible to create a suitable area by installing bookcases each
side of the window and then a window seat can be fitted between
the bookcases.

As mentioned
above, boxes, bins and baskets can prove valuable for keeping
odds and ends tidy as well as out of sight.  These can be
placed on shelves or stacked neatly in a corner of the room or
on top of a cupboard.

Shoe boxes are
very useful for storing scarves, gloves, cosmetics, hair
products etc.  These often fit nicely into the top of

Spare pillows, 
blankets and duvets can be placed inside a
large cushion cover

and used as a floor cushion.

If you can lay
your hands on some plastic milk crates these can be placed on
their side and the cubicles used to house books, shoes, CDs etc.

suitcases, if decorative
enough, can be stacked on topped of one another in a corner and
used to store some items, however, if they are not suitable to
have on display they can be filled and placed on top of
wardrobes or cupboards.  In the same way, cases that are
rarely used for travel can make useful storage containers in the

Large wicker
not only look good but make ideal homes for soft toys
and other more bulky items. Baskets with handles can be hung on
the wall or behind doors. 

Draw string bags
are an ideal way to keep children’s toys tidy and yet readily
available.  These can be made in a variety of sizes, from
colourful fabric oddments and the children can help decorate
them so they know what is kept inside (hopefully). 
Remember, if these are to be used by the children, they should
be hung at their level.  Coat racks or hooks can be used
for this purpose.

You can even make
use of the space behind doors:  there are many different
hooks, racks and hanging devices available which can be hooked
over the top of the door or fitted to the door itself. 
These can also be used on the back of a cupboard/closet door.

wardrobe/closet organiser

If there is some
spare cash available you may like to consider investing in a
good wardrobe/closet organiser as these maximise the space
available by clever use of rods, shelves, compartments and

As these are normally made up from individual
modules, it is usually possible to create the best selection for
your particular needs and space.

A good handyman
could create this themselves especially if there is an alcove
available; a curtain could be hung across the front to keep
everything hidden.

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