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Slash those bills – Tips to be more efficient

Whether it’s not leaving the television on stand-by, making sure the washing machine is only used for full loads or turning down your thermostat by a single degree, the web is full of great tips to be more energy efficient and, in so doing, save some money on your household bills. If, however, you have already followed the advice to switch your energy supplier and carried out the other most common energy saving practices then what next?"

Here are ten slightly more unusual energy saving tips which you might not have considered:

Rugs on Walls

If your home is not sufficiently insulated then you are wasting money on your heating bill- but proper insulation does not come cheap. A money saving alternative is to hang decorative rugs on any poorly insulated walls- the thicker the better!

The Ribbon Test

Big gaps and open windows are easy to spot but you’d be surprised how much heat can escape from the smallest of spaces. Use a piece of ribbon to check all outward facing surfaces- if the ribbon moves you know you need to get out the putty!

Go Raw

Save on the energy you use to cook by only eating raw food for one day a week (or more if you can stomach it!)

Raw diets are all the rage with health conscious celebrities- you might loose some unwanted pounds while you save the important ones!


raw vegetables and salad

Letter Box Covers

You may not have thought it, but studies have shown that up to 27% of your heat can be lost through the humble letter box. There are several products on the market which prevent this from happening- whilst still allowing the postman to do his job.

More Lights

This may seem counter intuitive but more lights can help save energy. Rather than using one main light for every purpose by having a selection of different lighting options you can pick the correct one for the job. Just make sure you don’t leave them all on!

wind up torch Wind-Up Torches

Instead of leaving a nightlight on for hours and hours consider replacing it with a wind-up torch. It’s also the perfect solution in case of a power cut.

Solar Toys

All kids love remote controlled toys but charging them can use a lot of electricity. Nowadays everything from helicopters to dumper trucks are available in solar powered alternatives. It’s also a great way to start your kids thinking about energy and sustainability.

Move Your Plants

Of course plants need the sun to survive but if they are large and directly in the window then they could be preventing valuable heat from entering your home during the summer months.

Energy Monitors

The best way to reduce your energy consumption is by understating exactly how much you use. These little devices, which can be picked up for about 15, tell you exactly how much energy any electrical appliance is using. You’ll soon stop leaving a fully charged phone plugged in when you see how much money you are wasting!


Three tier steamers, divided saucepans or even pressure cookers can help save energy. 




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