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Safety First in the living room area, things to do to prevent accidents in the home.



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Safety First

Living Room Area

Never run electrical flexes under rugs,
furniture or near walkways.
Replace frayed, damaged, cracked or pinched
flexes as soon as noticed.
Tack down carpets.
Put a non slip coating or pad on the
underside of rugs.
Never polish under rugs or mats.
Check fuses are the correct ones for each
particular appliance.
Do not overload plugs or extension cords as
this can cause fires.
If plugs or plug plates are warm to the
touch, call an electrician immediately.
To prevent cigarettes falling off, use
stable, wide edged ashtrays.
Never empty ashtrays into wastepaper
Leave space around the television, video
and stereo etc. to prevent overheating.
Keep area around fireplaces free from
newspaper etc. and make sure fires are guarded.
Ensure any chimneys which are in use are
cleaned regularly.

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