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How to find the right sofa, hints and tips to help choose the right sofa or settee

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How to Find the Right Sofa!

by Pamela Cole Harris

1. Before you
shop for a new sofa, determine what size sofa you need. That may not
necessarily be determined by the size of your room.

If you live in an
upstairs apartment, it may be determined by the width of the stairs, the
height of the elevator doors or the size of your
“always-ready-to-help-move-furniture” friends.

Make a note of
the maximum width, height and length
that will fit in your space or

2. Remember that a color/colour that’s oh so hot
today, will be tomorrow’s avocado green or burnt orange.

Pick a neutral color/colour that can be dressed up with throw pillows in all those wild new
colors/colours. Pillows are inexpensive and you can change the look of your room
every hour on the hour if you wish!

3. Pick an upholstery fabric or leather that will wear well with your

Is the sofa going to be used in a formal living room or a rowdy
family room?

If you have kids, you should probably stay away from white
satin sofas
. If you are a careful single adult, white satin might be

lady and baby playing on a sofa
man sitting on sofa with a dog and bone
4. If the sofa will be in high traffic areas, try to pick a pattern
that will hide soils and stains.

Multicolored patterns or tweeds are
ideal. The idea is to have a sofa that still looks good while hiding all
of those little “accidents” kids and/or pets will always have.





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