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We could all do with a little bit of organisation in our life, but how good at it are
you?  Although most of it is common sense, it sometimes help for someone to lay it
out for you, hopefully, some if not all, of the following will make life easier for you.

Back in it’s home
– if you make a habit of putting
things back in their proper place immediately after use, life will be a lot easier. 
If everyone is reminded to do the same, it will save last minute panics trying to find the
second shoe or that special necklace that matches the dress. Also, you will never have to
face the daunting task of a major clear up.

Jobs – try to do tasks as they crop up, not leave
them until another day when they will probably have multiplied, thus making them more of a
chore.  Ironing done immediately is always a lot less hassle than when the laundry has
not only become over dry but reaches the ceiling.

Labour saving appliances – only use these when they
actually do save labour.  It doesn’t make much sense washing up a food processor used
to chop an onion, when a knife would have done the job.

Large jobs – if possible, break these down into
smaller, more manageable, chunks.   Don’t try to spring clean every cupboard in the
house at the same time, not only will it take for ever but you will also get fed up before
the task is finished.   Either choose one room to do, or perhaps just one cupboard at
a time.  Mind you, if you have a lot of cupboards, this is a bit like painting the
Forth Bridge, by the time you get to the end you will have to start at the beginning

Immediate results – if time is limited and you need
the place to look good, concentrate on the obvious areas. Vacuum and dust the hall and
living room.  It is also amazing how much cleaning you can do in an hour when you
have to.

Tricks of the trade – didn’t have time to clean
properly and you have visitors coming.   Keep lights down low (or use candles) and
distract them with good food and conversation and they will never notice. 

Clear away all the surface mess i.e. magazines etc. and tidy up the cushions.  It
is surprising how an uncluttered room also looks clean.  Straighten rugs and, in the
evening, draw the curtains which will hide less than spotless windows.

Spit and polish – for a last minute freshen up in
the bathroom go quickly over the surfaces with a spray window cleaner or suitable cleaner
and a paper towel, quick scrub around the toilet with a brush, flush and hey presto!

Hassle free breakfast
– do as much as you can
before you go to bed at night.   Write any notes the children need for school, sort
out dinner money if needed, prepare packed lunches (remember to put them in the fridge
overnight), prepare clothes.   Set the breakfast table with those things not
requiring refrigeration.

Having sorted out breakfast time, you will now have a bit of spare time to make life
easier for when you come home in the evening.  Wash up breakfast dishes and get
everyone to  make their beds before leaving in the morning, it will be so much nicer
for everyone when they come home at night.

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