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Home Security Tips

from https://aps-perimeter-security.com/products/

The need for tight security has never been greater and it is even more important when going away from home, whether it be on business or for that much earned holiday.

Here are some useful tips some of which are fairly basic but, nevertheless, very important safeguards.

Credit cards. Always keep a list of card numbers and “lost or stolen” telephone number to ring if the worst happens. Keep the list separate from your handbag or wallet.

Passports.Take 2 photocopies. Keep one with you when you are travelling and leave the other in a secure place at home.

Keyrings. Never leave your address on your key ring. Never leave your car registration number on your car key ring.

Access to your house. If you are going away from home leave a spare set of keys with a friend along with your contact details.

Time clocks. Install a time clock to switch lights on and off whilst you are away.

Power supplies. Leave some electrical equipment running, eg a fridge. Thieves have been known to check the electricity meter to see if any power is being drawn. Alternatively contact your utility supplier and get a lock fitted to the power meter. For gas a lock on the meter box is the best answer.

Car parking. An empty driveway can be a give away. Ask a neighbour if they would occasionally park on your drive way.

Garden maintenance. Arrange to have your grass cut and for your wheelie bin to be put out and returned.

Carrying cash. Never have all your cash in one place. Spread it out across different bags and consider buying a money belt.

Old credit cards. Don’t throw out old credit cards. Keep them to put in a second wallet so if you have to surrender your wallet whilst being threatened you do not lose anything. The same advice can be applied to old passports.

Two wallets. As mentioned under “old credit cards” it is worth having a second wallet with a  small amount of money and old credit cards just in case you are threatened.

Health cover. If you live within the EU then you should take a European Health Insurance card with you when you travel. This has replaced the old E111 **

** More detailed information on this subject can be found at - https://www.gov.uk/european-health-insurance-card

This will probably change once the UK leaves the EU


Handbags. Always try and use a handbag which closes, ideally with a zip. An open bag is a great temptation to pick pockets. Try and keep your important documents and cash in an inside pocket, not in a bag. It is too easy to snatch a bag.

Hotel details. When you leave your hotel take their business card with you. If you need to return in a hurry and a taxi driver cannot understand your instructions then show him the business card.

Rucksacks. If you are carrying valuables in your rucksack then consider placing some chicken wire in the base of the sack. This will prevent thieves slashing the base of the sack with a razor and stealing your valuables through the hole.

Be aware. You need to be aware of the “risk” times when you are travelling around a city. The best times for pick pockets tend to be when you are moving and distracted. For instance when you are getting off a busy tram or struggling with your shopping as you come out of a shop.

Advanced Perimeter Systems Limited is a world leading designer and manufacturer of perimeter security systems. 

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