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Travelling abroad, a few things to remember -

  • Check if any inoculations are required for the country in question.  Do this as early as possible as some need to be carried out in stages with several weeks between each "jab".

  • Check passports are in order and whether Visas are required - again this should be done as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

  • Book travel insurance as soon as details of the proposed holiday are known.  It pays to shop around as cover and prices vary greatly. Sometimes this is covered under household policies but cover is usually fairly limited. For complete peace of mind the following should be covered:-

Cancellation and illness - insurance should cover against cancellation through illness, death and some other unforeseen circumstances.   Cover is not usually given for cancellation due to "change of mind", nor natural disasters such as earthquakes.  Check it covers against medical treatment abroad in the case of accident or illness as this can be a very costly procedure.

Accidents - You will probably have to pay for any medical treatment abroad and then claim for reimbursement upon your return.   Check the insurance covers repatriation after an accident in a given time.

Theft or loss of possessions - work out how much it would cost to replace your travel wardrobe, including suitcases, cameras, jewellery etc. and ensure this amount will be covered by the insurance.

Holiday delays - some insurance companies cover delays at airport etc. and also the cost of accommodation during the delay but you must check.

Activities - some insurance companies do not cover hazardous activities whilst on holiday which can include such things as jet-skiing, deep sea fishing etc.  If there is any possibility of a member of your party getting involved in such pursuits check your cover and, if necessary, pay extra for this benefit.

Claims - you will normally have to pay an excess on any claim i.e. the first 20 or 30.  If you are anticipating making a claim on your return ensure all receipts and supporting documentation are kept.  If you have been the victim of theft it is usually a requirement of the insurance companies that this must have been notified to the local police.  Get proof this has been done.


  • If planning to fly with small children here are some tips you will find useful.


  • To keep clothes smelling fresh when you travel, place a fabric softener sheet in the bottom of the garment bag.

  • Prepare early for the trip.  Check the luggage to make sure that it doesn't have a musty smell.  If this happens, crumple a few sheets of newspaper and place them inside, close the luggage, and leave   overnight.  This will help curb the smell.

  • If you must take prescription drugs, do not pack them in the luggage, keep them in the carry-on bag.  Make sure you keep your medication in the original container.  To protect the pharmacy label place a strip of clear adhesive tape over it.

Thanks to "Siren" for all these tips.

From Mr. Geoff Chippendale

To avoid disappointment and/or embarrassment at the airport carry out the following checks before leaving the house:-

  • Tickets - whoever is holding the tickets produces them.

  • Money - Both show that they have their travellers' cheques, cash and credit cards.

  • Passports - both show each other their passport.

  • If a couple are going on holiday, don't pack separate suitcases.  Put equal quantities of each clothes in each suitcase.  If one suitcase gets lost you can then survive.

  • When packing cases roll clothes instead of folding, this reduces creases.

  • Pack bottles, sock, films and such like into shoes.   Prevents damage and saves space.

  • Pack shoes into plastic bags to prevent soiling other clothes.

  • Take extra plastic bags in your case, these can prove useful to transport any damp clothes or opened bottles.

  • A folding shopping bag can also be useful to bring back all those gifts (or bottles).





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