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These hoax scams have been on site
for some time but may still be of interest in some parts of the world although I
fear hoaxes and scams have become more sophisticated in recent years.

I posted a scam on the
“Crafty Cons” page, only to be advised by a visitor that this was
yet another hoax.  The original scam is shown, followed by the comments
from Mr. Steve Elliott – to whom I am much obliged.

As it is all too
easy to be taken in by these hoaxes and scams I thought you may be interested in
a site www.snopes.com where you can check to
see if they are true or not.

recommended by Stephen Baines

I have also been
advised by Joe (a regular visitor) of another similar site www.truthorfiction.com
which is also worth a visit.

Both sites are
both informative and entertaining.

SCAM  – Volcanic Ash Compensation

Richard Jones
has been brought to my attention that there is an email scam circulating
purporting to be from the CAA offering travellers compensation for their
disrupted travel due to the volcanic ash.

As always they request personal
details and copy passports etc. and, in some cases, a fee in order to acquire
the compensation.

I expect there is, or will be, more
than one doing the rounds so it pays to be vigilant.

These are scams and should be
immediately deleted – DO NOT divulge any personal information or part with any

More detailed information is widely
available from reputable online sources.




We have been informed of the
following scam which is targeting females in particular.

 They receive a phone call
from the Post Office asking them to confirm their postcode. When this is
given, they are told that they have become eligible for some gift vouchers
for their co-operation and are asked to provide their home address and
postcode in order to receive the vouchers. 

So far 90% of the women who have
provided this information have been burgled, as it is assumed that their
homes are empty during office working hours. The police are aware of this
scam and the Post Office have confirmed that they are NOT conducting any
postcode surveys. 

Also, it has been reported that if
you receive a telephone call from an individual who identifies him/herself
as being an BT Service Technician who is conducting a test on that line, or
if anyone else asks you to do the following DON’T. They will state that to
complete the test the recipient should dial nine, zero (90) then the hash
key and then hang up. This will give them full access to your phone line,
which allows them to place long distance, international or chat-line calls.
These are then billed to your account. The information which the Police
have, suggests that many of these calls are emanating from prisons. The
information has been checked out by the police and is correct. DO NOT PRESS

Comments received
from Mr. Steve Elliott:-

This is a well-known hoax, originating in the US
about 5 years ago, when it was an AT&T technician that was testing the

I have been in touch with the  Police,
and they have confirmed that this *is* a hoax. 


Another hoax going round at the moment (and
even mentioned in Mirror Money – I have contacted them about it!) is the
“£20-a-minute phone call scam”, where you are told that you have
won a holiday, and asked to press 9?

If you hear about this one, here are the places
refuting this:

According to ICSTIS (The Independent Committee
for the Supervision of Standards of Telephone Information Services), not
one person who claims it has actually happened to them has been able to
produce a telephone bill that supports their story.


On a personal note, I recently came
across yet another “hoax” – I received an email confirming an order
for electrical equipment at a cost of nearly £400.  It advised that this
amount would be taken from my credit card and gave a customer service
telephone number to call in case of problems.  As I had not ordered this
equipment I telephoned the given number only to find it was a UK Local Police
Station who had had to install an electronic answering system explaining that
this was a hoax.  

What will they think of next?








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