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Wine lovers glossary of wine terms beginning with the letters R,S,T,U,V,W,X,Y,Z

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There are many different terms and words used
relating to wine and wine production, the following is a glossary of some of
these.  For ease of access I have created different pages for the
various letters of the



Race :Sharpness of a wine
Racking of the
must :
Stage in the wine-making
process which consists of eliminating, just before fermentation, the deposit from the must
of a wine made from “white” grapes.
Regional Grape
Varieties :
Association of grape
varieties authorized or recommended on a plot of land.
Smoothess :The degree to which a
wine is well-rounded and rich.

Sorbic acid :Acid used as anti-septic and
anti-oxidizing agent. Particularly used in sweet white wines with the purpose of avoiding
the risks of secondary refermentation.

Sour :Wine which has turned
into vinegar or which is in the process of doing so due to an excessive acidity.

Staves :Pieces of wood made out
of planks of oak split by hand and dried naturally; they are used to make the casks.

Syrupy :Sweet wine with more
than 17g of residual sugar

Tart :Wine whose taste is
similar to that of vinegar.

Tartaric acid :Acid of which the
quantity in the wine diminishes if the Summer is very hot. It is sometimes necessary to
add must to increase the level of acidity in a dull wine.

Tastevin :Silver cup which is used
for wine tasting, especially in Bourgogne

Tired :Said of a wine that has
lost all of its qualities either at the time it was bottled or during transport.

Vigneron : Person who devoted to growing vines and
making wine

Yeast addition :An operation which
consists of seeding the yeast strains (which are carefully selected according to the
vinification one wants to obtain ) with the must.

Yeast batch :Microscopic mushrooms
which encourage alcoholic fermentation; these yeast batches are “indigenous”

Yeso :In Spain, this powder
which is rich in gypsum is used for the settling of certain wines

Young :A wine which is not yet
mature and needs to be left to age.

Yuzhnoberezhny :Ukranean wine which is
concentrated and rich in alcohol drawn from the saperavi

Zikhron-Yaacov :Israeli vine grown on
the slopes of Mount Carmel.

Zilavartea :Vine which is the origin
of Macedonian white wines

Zitsa :Very mountainous region
in the north of Greece, which produces a wine which merits attention

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