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Wine lovers glossary of wine terms beginning with the letters N,O,P

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There are many different terms and words used
relating to wine and wine production, the following is a glossary of some of
these.  For ease of access I have created different pages for the
various letters of the



Nature :Wine which hasn’t had
any sugar added ; for a Champagne, this means that the wine will not be sparkling.
Nebbiolo :A grand vine from Italy,
whose wines are fine and tannic.
Nectar :During ancient times,
nectar was the drink of Greek gods ; today we speak about nectar for wines of exceptional
Nerveux :Sharp and acidic wine
Net :Pleasant and refreshing
wine, without a “false” taste
Nose :We speak about the nose
when we are talking about a wine’s bouquet.
Octave :A small barrel with a
capacity varying between 54.5 litres and 81.8 litres (in general 63.6 litres ).
Oenology :The science and study of
wine from production to tasting.
Oily :Wine of which the
appearance and the consistency oil : it is a “sick” wine
Onctuosité :A full, mellow, rich
Ordinary :Wine consumed regularly
in France.
Oxidized :Concerns a wine who’s
taste reminds us of Madeira ; the wine, in this case, is oxidized and has a dark amber
colour for white wines
pink :
Designates the rosy
colour which is perceived in certain white and almost-rosé wines of Bourgogne and
Persistent :Wine of which the taste
remains in the mouth
Petite Champagne
No relation to Champagne
; comes from the second region of Cognac.
Pleasant :The wine cannot be
talked about as being a “Grand Wine”, but a pleasant without any shortcomings,
balanced and with neither vice or virtue.
Plein :Wine having more taste,
body and alcohol than average
Pungent :Tarty acidic wine with a

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