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There are many different terms and words used relating to wine and wine production, the following is a glossary of some of these.  For ease of access I have created different pages for the various letters of the alphabet.



Jeroboam (double Magnum) : Bottle able to contain 3 bottles of Champagne, or 6 bottles of Bordeaux
Jura : Wines made up of several grape varieties: for red wines "Poulsard", "Trousseau" and "Pinot Noir"; for white wines "Savigny", " Chardonnay" and "Pinot"; and for yellow wines "Savigny".
Klevener or Traminer, Vine plant from Alsace which is used to produce flavoured white wines with low acid content
Lactic Acid : Acid which is formed at the time of the malolactic fermentation of the wine.
Lagare : Large, low granit vat which has a capacity of 110 hectolitres, traditional vignification container for Douro wine.
Lath : Ripe vine shoot.
Lees : Deposit which forms in the vats after fermentation or storage of the wine, forced from impurities, yeast, tartar and residual matter from the crop.
Legs : When you swill wine in a glass, it leaves a liquid film on the inside of the glass. These "tears" (as they can also be called) are the result of the difference in evaporation and capillary tension between the water and the alcohol, the latter evaporating much more quickly than the water. As water is the principal constituent, there will be more tears when the percentage of alcohol is higher.
Length on the palate : The length of time in which one continues to perceive the sensations of the wine after having swallowed or spat the wine out; the duration of this time period is proportional to the quality of the wine.
Light : A low alcohol wine, not much body
Louche : A wine troubled by the presence of suspended particles which cause it to be cloudy.
Maceration : The prolonged contact of the must and the sediments during fermentation; maceration is longer or shorter depending on whether one wishes to obtain a red or rosé wine. It is during maceration that the aromas and tannins are diffused.
Macération préfermentaire : The soaking of the grape before fermentation
Mâché : Wine of which the balance has been destroyed either at the time of its drawing off or during transport.
Magnum : The contents of this bottle are twice as much as the capacity of a normal bottle. In other words this bottle contains one and a half litres. Bottles with a large capacity, like the magnum, allow certain red wines to age better.
Malic acid : Acid abundant in green grapes and which gives a tarty taste to the wine.
Malolactic fermentation : Fermentation which follows on from alcoholic fermentation and during which the malic acid is transformed into lactic acid. The wine is therefore less acidic and softens. It is chiefly favorable to red wines.
Marsanne : Vine from which white wine is made and which is found above all in Provence, Savoie and Algérie
Méchage : Opération qui consiste à faire brûler une mèche de souffre dans un fût, ceci dans le but de l'assainir.
Medium-dry : Contrary to popular belief, this term does not refer to a dry Champagne, but a rather sweet Champagne.
Médoc : Red wines obtained from vines such as cabernet sauvignon and the cabernet franc.
Mercaptan :                   Smell of rotten eggs
Mou:                               Wine lacking in character and body

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