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Wine lovers glossary, explanation of wine related terms starting with the letter B

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There are many different terms and words used
relating to wine and wine production, the following is a glossary of some of
these.  For ease of access I have created different pages for the
various letters of the


Bacillus :Living organism, which
attacks the parasite fungi on the vines.
Badacsony :Hungarian vineyard,
situated near Balaton lake.
Baden :Wine region in
South-West Germany
Bandol :Wine region in Provence
between Ciotat and Toulon
Banyuls :Wine growing region in
the extreme South of France near to Spain, reputed for its naturally sweet wines.
Italian red wine which
comes from Piémont. The grape variety used is the “Nebbiolo.
Red wine from Piémont,
in Italy, and which comes from the grape variety of the same name.
A very good wine from
Italy, “appellation contrôlée” produced east or Lake Garde.
Barolo :Italian red wine
produced in the village of the same name, in the South of Piémont, near Turin.
Barreling :The action of putting
the wine in barrels
Barsac :Municipality of
Sautenais with two “appellations” “Barsac” and “Sauternes”
Bâtonnage :Re-suspension of the
lees when the wine is resting in the casks.
Beady :A very slightly
sparkling wine.
Municipality situated in
the Vaucluse region, reputed for its excellent Muscat “appellation contrôlée”
Bellet :Small Provençal
vineyard which has had an “appellation contrôlée” since 1941.
Bentonite :Special “clay”
which acts as a “fining” agent for the wine, in order to avoid the formation of
a sediment in the bottle.
Bergerac :Vineyard in Dordogne in
the South-West of France, producing excellent full-bodied red wines, and also dry, syrupy
white wines.
Berry :Old province which has
now become the department of Cher and the department of Indre. This region has an
internationally renound status thanks to its wines: Sancerre, Ménetou-Salon, Quincy and
Blending :Operation consisting of
mixing several wines in a vat.
Burgundy :Wine made solely from
“Pinot Noir”

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