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Any Size Foyer Decor: Contemporary Wall Mirrors Work Magic

By Jessica Ackerman

It doesn’t matter whether your foyer is on a grand scale or designed on a smaller footprint, contemporary wall mirrors will work magic in this space. Because mirrors visually expand a space and reflect light, they will make your foyer seem more spacious and airy, regardless of whether the space is large or small. 

A contemporary wall mirror can be used any number of ways; it can be combined with other furnishings and arranging it for maximum impact. And since your foyer provides the first glimpse into your home, who wouldn’t want to capture the magic of mirrors and make outstanding first impression? contemporary mirror

Think about placement

Often, the first impulse is to place a mirror on the wall that is opposite of the entry door. Although this can be effective, it may be more advantageous to place a mirror on the wall adjacent to the door.

In a smaller foyer, where natural light only comes through a window in the door, the mirror can capture and reflect more of this natural light. A mirror beside the door can be grouped with wall sconces or other works of art, if there is ample wall space, presenting an unexpected focal point that will be appreciated when guests linger upon entering or leaving your home.

When there is a large expanse of wall space, groupings of mirrors can create an effective focal point, underscore rhythm and shape and make the space feel incredible spacious and airy.

Mirrors and Metal

Glass and metal go hand-in-hand, especially in a contemporary themed decor. The smooth and bright reflective nature of mirrored glass increases the impact and dimension of metal wall art, adding to its depth and influence. 

Choose complementary finishes and colors when combining a wall mirror and metal wall art, but add interest by mixing shapes. For example, abstract metal art with a lot of right angles can be countered with a round or oval mirror.

modern wall sconces Metal wall vases or wall planters are another option, and in a smaller foyer, where wall space is not large enough to accommodate a large piece of metal wall art plus a mirror, they are a great choice, allowing you to choose the number of pieces you need to make a pleasing wall configuration

Wall vases and pockets also invite you to soften the sometimes hard edges of contemporary decor with foliage and blooms. Try grasses, vines, orchids, tropical foliage or calla lilies for a floral understatement that ties in with a modern decorative scheme.

Mirrors and Furniture

A modern console accented with stunning contemporary sculpture, modern metal wall clocks or vases will find a perfect partner in a contemporary wall mirror. 

Use one above a console to reflect the art and accessories you’ve gathered on top to present them from a different point of view. Choose finishes in the mirror that mimic other pieces in the room. From capiz shells to stone, rubbed metals or polished wood, you will find mirrors that work with your modern style, whether it leans toward hard edged urban looks or serene Zen-like tranquility.

Similarly, you can group a wall mirror with a wall shelf. If your foyer is smaller in size this gives you the same opportunity to create a pleasing arrangement of art and accessories and reflect it in a mirror set above the shelf. 


This article was written by Jessica Ackerman and provided by WallDecorandHomeAccents.com, a site featuring unique abstract wall art and metal wall sculptures.

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